"When I was introduced to the 528hz Frequency and started the Lovetuner, one thing came right away to my mind: The Lovetuner is the tool that will heal the world."
-Sigmar Berg
"I never saw the Lovetuner just as a product. The frequency touched my heart and a way bigger and universal mission formed and manifested. Without even knowing where the journey goes, I coined the slogan “one journey”. And this is exactly what it means to me. It’s a journey inward healing yourself and the collective. I saw right away that the Lovetuner is the key for everybody – no matter if spiritually elevated or just curious – to connect instantly into the divine web of love.

"After years of learning, researching and gathering knowledge from all fields of life from all over the world, I was fortunate that my effort and mission has been recognized and supported by a lot of spiritual teachers and enlightened souls of our time.

"Still, it’s my biggest passion to share the amazing power of the Lovetuner and my experiences. The commercial success of the Lovetuner allowed us to start the Lovetuner foundation that helped meanwhile ten thousands of kids and their teachers to practice mindfulness in schools to overcome stress and anxiety.

"I’m a strong believer that the next generation deserves to be reconnected to their hearts. For all of us, healing and change can only happen if each of us goes from the head into the heart. My main goal is to bring people back into self-empowerment, trusting their hearts and connecting with the Lovetuner into the field of frequency and vibration. This emotional intelligence experienced through the Lovetuner on a cellular level is exactly the empowerment that makes you aware and see from a bird’s eye perspective the unnecessary and unhealthy matrix constructed by heartless technocrats and governments calling us “human resources”.

"I know from the bottom of my heart that this tool is way more powerful than anything human. I’m just the guy leading this mission to connect and unify people. You can call Lovetuner a love and peace mission. I tuned with thousands of people either one on one or in groups. I shared my knowledge but the actual work that helped people I recognized from the first moment on is the Lovetuner and I’m just a facilitator. Seeing how many people the Lovetuner healed, made happy, all the wonderful stories being shared around the world and finding strong support from doctors, healers and prominent figures in the well-being industry made it clear to me that the Lovetuner is the ultimate healing tool, easy to use and an instant connector to the source.

"I encourage you to join us on the Lovetuner journey to make this world a more peaceful, sustainable, loving, happier and healthier place. I’m honored to give you the possibility to elevate others to their full potential and vibrating in a higher frequency. Let’s connect all of us with the power of the Love frequency and the longing of our hearts to overcome separation and polarity. One World, One Love, One Tone. One Journey."