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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Lovetuner Team Rider a term borrowed from the world of surfing

Lovetuner Team Riders are individuals from a variety of different fields and background who all share our mission to make this world a happier, healthier, more peaceful, and unified place.They are an international team of representatives that integrate the use of the Lovetuner into their life work and guide others in using this tool to surf the waves of the 528hz frequency.Team Riders stay connected with each other, and the ever-growing tuning community, through an established network that documents the range of experiences that reveal the collective impact of the Lovetuner on a more profound level.

Gabriela De La Garza

Anne Wolnik

Ben Greenfield

Marla Maples

Jiangsu Wongpec

CJ Macias

Suzy Batiz

Fernando Stalla

Adam Hall

Erin Lear

Barnet Bain

Jessica Headey Gandolfi

Teresa Taylor

Gary Culp

Dr. Christy Williamson

Poonacha Machaiah

Chi Kim

Sandra Gutierrez

Aaron Cameron

Rebecca Anne Geraci

Roland Kickinger

Susan Ochoa-Ruiz

Jon Rasmussen

Natalie Stawsky

Teresa Herrera

John Arnold

Ingrid Fitzi

Robin Clements


Phil Somerville

Elaine Wong