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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

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One Journey: The Lovetuner Book

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Sigmar Berg's One Journey-The Lovetuner Book is the ultimate guide to Breathwork and Sound healing.

"Authenticity is key on the path to wholeness. On the journey from our head to our heart we unravel the truth, leave all social propaganda and life-limiting programming behind, and become who we really are.
Tuning in means touching and healing one heart at a time and connecting hearts one after the other. There is no fakeness in the heart. With the Lovetuner, and the miracle frequency of 528 Hz we can change the world."
- Sigmar Berg

The Lovetuner book One Journey is the exciting story of a man who left his successful career and social life behind to experience a true spiritual awakening that leads him to finally rememberings his divine mission: the mission of love. This life-changing decision made him even more successful: with the Lovetuner, he created a revolutionary mindfulness instrument that transmits the power of the ancient and magical frequency of 528 Hz, the frequency of love and divine healing.

In this evocative book, you can gain a deep understanding of the explicit and multifaceted benefits of the Lovetuner, and discover the physical and biological significance of the magical ancient solfeggio frequency of 528 Hz. With the power of the 528 Hz frequency, you will learn to reduce stress, release anxiety, arrive in the present moment, and raise your vibration into the vibration of love. The Lovetuner will empower you to self-heal by opening your heart and reconnecting with the higher sources.

You can find exciting information about the origins of the Lovetuner mission and the interconnectedness of life. To immediately integrate the provides insights into your daily life, achieve a better lifestyle, and gain more quality of life. Tune in, spread the love and find peace of mind and heart.

One World, One Love, One Tone.