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World Water Day with the Lovetuner

World Water Day

World Water Day this year is centered around groundwater, making the invisible visible. The United Nations has a goal to ensure safe water and sanitation for all by 2030. This day is for advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. Fresh water is so essential to our society, we need to spread awareness today on its importance. 

“ If we do not save water today, we will regret our actions later on. It is time to wake up and save water for saving life on Earth.”

 Life would not be possible without groundwater. Most dryer climates of the world depend entirely on groundwater as their main source of water. Groundwater is the majority of what we use for drinking, sanitation, food production and industrial processes. It also affects rivers and the ecosystem greatly. Water is all connected so polluting the source affects the rest of the water further down the system. Pollution and overexhausting the resources are some of the main problems we currently face. Educating the masses on how to keep our water clean and the importance of protecting our water sources will protect our future generations.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Contribution to the Science of Water

 Dr. Masaru Emoto studied water and revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions can affect our physical world. He studied how water transforms after being exposed to human thoughts, sounds, and intentions. He was able to photograph frozen water crystals after they were exposed to either positive and loving affirmations or fearful and negative intentions. Surprisingly, the water molecules reflected what they were exposed to. The molecules given loving words and intention made beautiful and aesthetically pleasing shapes, while the molecules shown negative intentions made disfigured and grotesque formations.

 Emoto water molecules 

Furthermore, his research showed that that polluted water could be restored to the same beautiful shapes as clean water molecules after being exposed to compassionate intention and prayer. This showed that we can always improve our circumstances. His research showed how we could emotionally imprint onto the molecules for better or worse.

Frequency and Water

Music was also shown to affect the shape of water’s molecules. While classical music formed water molecules into beautiful crystals, heavy metal made water molecules into broken up pieces of distorted molecules. Dr. Emoto was able to physically show how positive thoughts, prayers, and music can positively alter molecules, showcasing the true power in what we think and say. Human beings are made up of a majority of water so if positive thoughts are able to impact water molecules, then what are the life-changing possibilities for us as well.

Here are some examples of water molecules after they were exposed to different songs:

           Vivaldi                                                        Imagine

emoto water molecules 

 The shape varies a bit, but the effects are the same, both molecules made beautiful crystal shapes after listening to positive music. His work lead to the belief written by Jonathon Goldman that frequency plus intent can lead to healing. In another study, oil was able to be cleaned from polluted water using the 528 hz frequency. Music and frequency are tools that can help shape our world into a better place.

The potential of positive words, frequencies, and music are endless and we are still on the brink of learning more about their healing capacities. This world water day, remember the power held in water and the power in your words and intentions.