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World Mental Health Day: Share the Love & Conquer Stress

World Mental Health Day: Share the Love & Conquer Stress

One of the most amazing things about the Lovetuner is its ability to release stress and overcome anxiety through breath and tone in under 5 minutes. 

Yes, that’s the same stress that causes all of those health problems, including the anxiety that holds you back from reaching your life goals. Plus, it’s all-natural, drug-free, easy to learn and use, and portable. How can you go wrong? It’s hard to deny the Lovetuner as an excellent choice to manage your stress and therefore improve your mental health and wellbeing, especially if you have a very busy life. 

Sure, you can take a pill to boost your mental health – and sometimes that’s necessary because of the physical aspect of mental illness or a brain disorder – but wouldn’t you rather have a drug-free, natural way to combat stress and anxiety? Many people would, and that’s why they love the Lovetuner.

Even psychiatrists say that we really don’t know the long-term effects of many anti-psychotics on your health. This is definitely a case of less is more. More Love, more 528hz frequency, and more control and self-empowerment to take charge of your life and your health.

Some of you may be thinking, “Why the Lovetuner? You can just meditate for free. People are just lazy.”

But that’s not necessarily true for everyone. It takes some time to learn the discipline of meditation or yoga, and that’s the biggest excuse – and sometimes reality – that people talk about: “I don’t have time to meditate!” It’s easy to get caught up in life and taking on one more thing just seems overwhelming. So it never happens and you just continue to do the same relentless pattern of your life.

Take the single mom. She’s raising her kids alone, playing both mother and father most of the time. She may be working two or more jobs, 60-80 hours a week. Do you think she has time to meditate?

Or a Senior Executive for a global firm: when would they meditate? They’re on the phone at all hours with meetings coming in from multiple time zones in multiple countries. They get most of their sleep on an airplane, have virtual jet lag, and would probably fall asleep if they tried to meditate. The Lovetuner is an excellent solution to keep them healthy, focused, alert, and relaxed against the demands of a high-powered job. Much better than drinking at the airport bar!

You see, the Lovetuner is especially powerful for those people with little time to, well, take care of themselves. Single moms are just trying to stay afloat and still find time to raise their kids. Senior Executives are constantly faced with putting out fires. These people know they should do something, but they don’t even have time to figure it out, let alone go to a yoga class.

Enter the Lovetuner, the doorway to release and healing for these very same people. Hopefully, they will use it and love it so much, become so centered and focused that they will be able to make life decisions that make their daily life easier – for them, their kids, their employees, and their co-workers. Maybe they start to think about how they can get more of that inner peace through transcendental mediation or yoga. You see what where we’re going with that?

That is how we spread the love to everyone.

Maybe you don’t really think you need the Lovetuner and so you think it’s a waste of money, but there are a lot of people in the world that don’t have a lot of time to think about it or make it happen – they are too busy just surviving the stressors of their life, whether it be money or lack of it, others depending on them, or not enough time with their kids who are becoming angrier about it every day. (Thos kids need it, too, by the way!)

You may already be on the path to healing of body and mind, but they are not. The Lovetuner can change all that in just 5 minutes or less.

Good, strong, focused mental health is how we power through life’s inevitable challenges, but so many of us are stuck in a pattern of fear-stress-anxiety when it's really not necessary to our survival. What is necessary to our survival is mental stability, health, and cognitive focus.

Start that journey with the Lovetuner. You won’t be sorry. You’ll be relaxed and feeling better sooner than you think!

So celebrate World Mental Health Day by gifting yourself or someone you care about with a Lovetuner. Share the love, people!