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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Tune In to Your Full Potential with the Lovetuner

Tune In to Your Full Potential

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness device, that through a profound, yet simple breathing exercise connects your exhale to the 528hz frequency. 

The 528hz frequency is scientifically proven to promote healing on a physical level, as well as on a mental, spiritual level. Continued use of the Lovetuner promotes increased cognitive function, reduced stress, ability to control anxiety, and can overall increase sense of inner peace. 

The Lovetuner is the optimal tool to help you unlock your full potential. Integrating the Lovetuner into your daily routine will not only help you to unlock your full potential, but it will allow you to stay in a higher frequency.

The law of attraction states that what we put out into the universe we receive back. By vibrating in a higher frequency you are attracting success and will receive back the positivity you are radiating out to the world.

We here at Lovetuner love hearing stories from our Lovetuner community about how the Lovetuner has positively changed their lives. It also brings us joy to here stories of world wide known actors, musicians, and athletes incorporating the Lovetuner into their daily routine making it easier to remain at peak performance. Celebrities such as Black Coffee, Salma Hayek, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jason Momoa, Deepak Chopra, Conan O'Brien, Coco Nogales Bob Sinclar, JB Alvin, Elle Macpherson,  Fernando Stalla, Nahko Bear use the Lovetuner daily to remain in a positive head space, allowing them to handle all aspects of their busy and stressful lives.

No matter what stage you are in life, the Lovetuner is the perfect tool to help you achieve the best version of yourself.

Don’t wait another minute, take charge of your life and incorporate the Lovetuner into your daily routine with just 6 simple breathing cycles a day.