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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

The Lovetuner: It's A Real Thing. Accept No Limitations.

The Lovetuner: It's A Real Thing. Accept No Limitations.

The truth is, these devices do help you to slow your breathing, but at the same time, you can accomplish that with a hollow shoot of bamboo or a paper or plastic straw. You can easily create the shift by yourself, without any of those things. Exhaling slowly through a straw does force you to breathe slower and deeper, thus bringing more oxygen into your bloodstream while releasing physical tension. Remember when you were tense or upset as a kid and Mom or Dad or your teacher would tell you to stop, take a deep breath, and count to 10? That’s do-it-yourself, no frills mindful breathing.

But if that’s all that metal tube does, do you really need it to relax? Certainly not. You can achieve this by yourself through meditation, yoga, or just sitting quietly as you close your eyes, take a deep breath (keep those shoulders down!), and exhale slowly as you purse your lips.

Some people say having a lovely metal straw around his or her neck reminds them to take time to breathe slowly. Maybe seeing it makes you more conscious of what is going on in your body, but it seems that the stress or tension you are experiencing, your anxiety, and your racing heart might be a better clue that you need to act. Mindfulness is about becoming focused on the present. But using a breathing tool to remind you that you need to use it is a little co-dependent. By contrast, the Lovetuner is about independence and self-empowerment to heal. Mindfulness is an internal, spiritual practice. One that affects your whole health and wellbeing.

So, exactly what sets the Lovetuner apart from these straw-like breathing tools? Let’s start by talking about what they have in common:

  1. When you use the Lovetuner, you take a slow, deep breath. [Check.]
  2. You pause for a second. [ Check.]
  3. Then you exhale slowly through a metal tube. [ Check.]
  4. The Lovetuner, designed by a world-class fashion designer, is beautiful, fashionable necklace. [Check.]

All of those "checks" make the Lovetuner sound like one of those fancy breathing tube necklaces, right?

Yes, but NO!  It isn’t like those other tools at all – because that’s only half of the story. The second half of the story is why the Lovetuner was created in the first place: the 528hz love frequency and its ability to heal. And that is the real difference between the Lovetuner and those other products.

The Lovetuner starts with the breath, but it doesn’t stop there. When you release a measured, sustained breath through the Lovetuner, it creates a pure, perfectly pitched 528hz tone.

You may be thinking, “Well that’s just a whistle!” But it’s not. A whistle has varying pitch or sound depending on how fast or slow you push the air through it. The Lovetuner is designed so that it always creates the love frequency at exactly 528hz.

Or you might think, “Hmmm. Isn’t that just a 'C' on the Western musical scale?” No, it’s so much more than that. The C of today’s musical scale isn’t pitched at 528hz. As one of the original sacred tones of ancient solfeggio, 528hz has special properties. As a matter of fact, recent scientific studies support that view, indicating that 528hz music prompts your body to release oxytocin at a significantly higher rate than “regular” music tuned to the modern musical scale. Oxytocin is known as the “love hormone” because it calms your heart and mind, creates a sense of balance, and brings feelings of love and empathy into your being. That’s why the 528hz frequency is called “the love frequency.”

The ability of the 528hz frequency to facilitate healing by releasing stress and traumas of the past is the whole reason the Lovetuner was created: to empower the ordinary person to take charge of their own health and wellbeing on a deep level. In the words of our Founder and CEO, Sigmar Berg: "When I was introduced to the 528hz Frequency and started the Lovetuner, one thing came right away to my mind: The Lovetuner is the tool that will heal the world." Empowering people to heal body, mind, and spirit is what the Lovetuner organization is all about. That’s exactly why the Lovetuner was created.

The Lovetuner is designed not only to release stress anxiety, but to create the shift of your focus from your head – the home of worry and negativity – to your heart: the place where Love and empathy reside.

The Lovetuner was first introduced to the world in 2013, making it one of the first non-medical stress release tools available to the general public. A few years later, imitations and clones began to flood the market. But they just don’t measure up to the quality and effectiveness of the Lovetuner. So don’t be fooled by imitations of lesser value. And higher cost...

It’s easy to get confused by slick marketing campaigns. So, here’s a few tips to help you discern whether you are purchasing the one and only Lovetuner of a less effective imitation. It will also help protect you from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous scalpers or unauthorized sellers:

  • A high price tag is a BIG red flag. The Lovetuner’s regular retail price is only US$62. Don’t buy from an unauthorized seller who is charging any more than that. It might be a Lovetuner, but anyone selling it for more than our established price is not an authorized seller. Some of those charlatans charge up to three times the list price. Shame on them!
  • If the price is inflated, you might not be looking at a Lovetuner at all, but something else that is simpler and doesn’t have near the impact on your personal health that you can achieve with the Lovetuner.
  • The Lovetuner brand and dove symbol of love and peace are engraved on every Lovetuner we make. No exceptions. If it doesn’t have those symbols engraved on the tube, it’s not a Lovetuner.
  • Only the Lovetuner comes with a protective cap that allows it to double as a fashionable necklace and help protect it from damage.
  • If it doesn’t make sound when you exhale through the instrument, it’s not a Lovetuner!  We have strict quality controls in place, resulting in very few defective instruments. Unfortunately, we often get contacted by customers who think they bought a Lovetuner and tell us it’s defective because it won’t make sound, only to realize they bought something else, and usually at a much higher price. Don’t fall into that trap.

Those other tools claim they do the same thing as the Lovetuner. But without the love frequency, there is just no comparison. The Lovetuner is pitched at exactly 528hz. And that perfect tone is what distinguishes the Lovetuner and elevates it from a run-of-the-mill breathing aid to a powerful instrument of healing. The sound is what makes the difference, what makes the Lovetuner so special, and what sets it apart from everything else on the market.

Let’s recap why the Lovetuner is different, its benefits, and why you should never settle for anything less:

  • The Lovetuner slows your breath, initiating the process of release. 
  • The Lovetuner helps you easily and effectively release stress, anxiety, and negative energy through breath and tone.
  • The Lovetuner helps strengthen your lungs and increases lung capacity and is directly endorsed by medical experts for that reason.
  • The Lovetuner allows you to rebalance your personal energy, embrace love, and create inner peace.

The Lovetuner takes your exhale one step further, releasing your anxiety and stress through both your measured breath, and more importantly, the healing 528hz frequency that deepens that release, realigns your energetic body, and restores balance, mental focus, and clarity.

And you can achieve all of those things, reap all of those benefits, in under 5 minutes. The more you “tune”, the greater its power and ability to prolong that relaxed state. Anyone can learn how to do it; age is of no consequence. No special training is required. And you can take it anywhere.

Pretty amazing, right?

The 528hz frequency of the Lovetuner quickly shifts your attention from your head to your heart. Instead of worrying about things of past that still haunt you and hold you back, or those fears of what might be coming in your future, you have clarity. Clarity towards pretty much everything in your life. And then you suddenly discover you have a greater capacity for love: love of yourself, those around you, and for all mankind. It’s love that makes the world go ‘round. Love really is all we need.

Love is a basic human need. It feels really good. With the Lovetuner, you can create that feeling at any time – all by yourself – by releasing those negative thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. In just under 5 minutes, you’re there: centered, at peace, and ready to step into the world with a new focus, sense of purpose, and above all, LOVE