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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

528 hertz music

Stay Tuned For 528hz

In music, tuning refers to adjusting the pitch of the tone. In human beings, it means adjusting your emotional and physical state to align yourself with your environment. That's literally tuning in and harmonizing with the world around you, and the Lovetuner 528hz flute is the meditation tool that can make it all happen. Tune in daily and make your life better!

In only 5 minutes a day with the Lovetuner, you can take back control of your life by releasing stress and anxiety and restoring your energetic balance. The Lovetuner brings your focus away from the troubles of the past and fears of the future by bringing your attention to the present. Mindful breathing, the 528hz frequency, and your intention to find calm and release can change your life. And the Lovetuner is the mindfulness meditation tool that can make it happen.

So stay tuned for a more focused, healthy life free of stress, anxiety, and fear of what is to come with the Lovetuner!