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Respiratory Care Week: Breathe Better & Breathe Well with the Lovetuner

Respiratory Care Week: Breathe Better & Breathe Well with the Lovetuner

Breathing. We all do it, every minute of every day. But why are we so bad at it?

The majority of us breathe incorrectly. As a matter of fact, although we breathe more than we need to, we still don’t get enough of the oxygen our bodies need. How is that possible, you may ask?

For many of us, shallow breathing is the norm. We spend hours a day hunched over a computer, to the point where bad posture becomes part of our “normal” physiology, making it difficult for us to truly breathe in a healthy way. And because we don’t breathe deeply enough and don’t get enough oxygen, we generally don’t feel our best. We may soon start to experience anxiety and difficulty sleeping, and our energy is chaotic at best. The best way to remedy that is simple: breathe better.

The breath is life. Although much and often quoted, in our daily existence we sometimes forget that we carry the Divine powers of self-healing within us, just waiting to be reactivated. When we integrate a consistent tuning practice with the Lovetuner into our daily lives, we are not just freeing ourselves from stress and anxiety but are supporting our lung health by re-teaching ourselves how to breathe more deeply, the way nature intended. In this way, we activate our innate, self-healing abilities and achieve optimal well-being, balance, and health.

And the good news is, it’s not that difficult to improve your breathing.

With the Lovetuner, re-learning how to breathe better is made easy. Of course, we must breathe deeply to tune so that we get the full benefit of the 528hz frequency, as we heal our bodies through breath and tone. But here’s a few tips to maximize that healing power so that you can not only experience the 528hz frequency on a deeper level but can increase your lung capacity and thus allow more oxygen into your bloodstream, paving the way to respiratory health.

As you get ready to tune, remove the cap of the Lovetuner and take a moment to breathe – really breathe, the way that the miracle that is your body is meant to breathe. To maximize your breathing and build lung capacity, take just a moment to straighten your spine, lifting your ribcage and chest. It’s almost like you have an invisible string pulling you up through the crown of your head.

This very small adjustment will help realign and straighten your chakras, making you more receptive to the healing power of the 528hz frequency, and – of course – making room for the lungs to fully expand as you inhale. And when you take that full, deep breath to tune, think of filling your lungs from the bottom up, what some call “belly breathing.” Breathe deeply, filling your lungs and they expand deeply into your mid-section, and then feel that breath expand into your back. Let your breath expand your torso as you stretch the muscles around your lungs and into your back.

Take a moment to be consciously aware of your lungs expanding and filling in the way nature intended. Now bring your Lovetuner to your lips, keeping your back erect – but relaxed -- and exhale slowly through the Lovetuner. You may feel a slight “tug” in your abdomen as your diaphragm slowly releases the air and the 528hz tone begins to work its magic. You’ll find yourself able to extend the exhale longer, keeping your spine aligned and your chest high, allowing the love frequency to not only work better on your open and relaxed body, but sustaining the 528hz tone longer.

Do this for several cycles – a minimum of 6 – staying open to experiencing your own natural healing powers through mindful breath and tone. Increase your lung capacity, experience deep relaxation, and strengthen your respiratory system, just by breathing deeper. Imagine yourself releasing that which no longer serves you – stress, worry, fatigue – and filling yourself with the power of love. Activate and repair your DNA as your physical body resonates with the 528 hz frequency and receives the oxygen that is essential for optimal health, while lifting your spiritual body to realign your frequency and become one with the Universe.

It’s Respiratory Care Week, so care for your lungs, expand your lung capacity, and rid them of any stale air that might be latently present from years of shallow breathing. You’ll feel better in every way, and you can do it all with the Lovetuner.

As you go about your day, just don’t forget to breathe. Breathe deeply and breathe well.