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Lovetuner mental health awareness, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, PTSD management

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health has been on the decline and seems to be facing a deep valley in these upcoming generations, perhaps rapidly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020–2021.

Often ignored and brushed off, mental illness affects 1 in 5 people! However, everyone deals with life events that are difficult. Some amount of mental illness starts out as a fairly standard stressor, and through mismanagement or loss of control may turn to chronic stress, eventually becoming anxiety and depression. Learning coping mechanisms and the signs of mental illness, or even the signs of oncoming mental illness, can help us better regulate ourselves, friends, and family. As a societal issue, there may be no stopping mental illness at this point of time; this is a true tragedy because the majority of those who are able to receive support fare better and recover better than those who don’t.

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and at Lovetuner we want to try to turn the tide on the worsening mental health crises approaching society. Compassion comes through understanding. Whether you’re trying to aid yourself or others, you’ll want to understand others before trying to demonstrate empathy. One of the biggest complaints non-disordered people receive when trying to be allies is that they simply don’t listen to the issues at hand. One of the most important things you can do is simply listen and offer a shoulder to lean on!

Mental illness also affects children, perhaps at even greater levels of crisis than for adults, as they learn with uncertainty how to navigate the real world. 1 out of 10 children are clinically diagnosed with mental health conditions in the USA, but around 70% can experience mental health issues any year. So what can we do?

Embrace love!

Lovetuner is an anti-anxiety meditation device harnessing the power of the love frequency. The 528hz creates a sense of peace and is known as the healing frequency. Lovetuner embraces the practices of breath therapy, a commonly used method for grounding during stressful moments. Lovetuner users have reported feeling grounded, peaceful, focused, and balanced immediately after use and often incorporate it into their daily routine. This tool can be used by adults as well as children to help develop coping mechanisms to deal with stress, aid in preventing further mental health issues, and as a life skill.

It starts with the kids

Many mental health problems begin in childhood, so awareness should begin at a young age. It’s somewhat concerning that often we don’t look for mental illness signs in our children, or we ignore them and brush them off as a phase in their development. Beyond the identification of mental illness in your own children, most will have a mentally ill classmate at some point. Children who don’t understand these conditions might target or isolate the student, either intentionally or by accident. Educate yourself and your kids on the matter — not only to care for our loved ones but for our neighbors and friends.

Free discussion about these experiences help children learn to come to us sooner for help.

Everyone will experience stress at one point or another. Teaching children how to cope with stress before it’s even needed helps create a sense of self reliance and the ability to self sooth when they can’t access you, such as at school. Check out our article “Teaching Mindfulness in Schools” for information on using Lovetuner as a tool!

Daily routine

Self-care, which is a trendy way to say focusing on yourself, helps prevent depression, soothes anxiety, and aids in easing the worsening of symptoms. But we all have flaws, right? Some of us may be quick to anger, or to shut down or gossip. Practicing mindfulness and paying attention to your traits and how they are triggered and how you respond is a first step to self-regulation.

Lovetuner invites us to settle down and focus. We become connected to our surroundings, our beings, and those around us. Benefits include feelings of peace, removal of interruptive thoughts, and more! Working the Lovetuner into your daily routine, in mornings or evenings — or both! — can help create a sense of security. This mindfulness tool can be paired with other practices for combined benefits.

Gift culture

Did you know the giving and receiving of gifts has a strong impact on human psychology? When we are able to make someone feel appreciated, or feel better when they are feeling low, we in turn feel that we are of service. This boosts self-esteem. Likewise, the receiving of gifts help us feel seen and understood.

A single gift won’t fix mental health issues but the practice of gift culture can help boost our own self-esteem and that of others. A gift can also be of use to someone or make them simply feel better and get a break away from things.

Gifts can be almost anything. We think of jewelry or a new pair of shoes, but they aren’t limited to just that. A gift can also be tools and experiences!

The Lovetuner is a mindfulness tool that balances the love frequency with the power of breath therapy. Lovetuner users experience relaxation, a sense of peace, balance, and grounding. Mental and physical health are improved because chemical releases, such as cortisol, can be slowed down through stress relief. Plus, the Lovetuner is an anti-anxiety tool! This means that you’ll use breathing exercises, creating better lung capacity and ability.

This is an easy access tool that can be used just about anywhere you go! Worn as a necklace or as a bracelet, this is a simple but stylish piece of art.

Acts of Service

Similar to the idea behind gift culture, acts of service can help both the giver and recipient. Acts of service will usually be seen as work such as volunteering or donation.

This mental health awareness month, check out your local programs. There may be options mental health-related, especially if you happen to be in Washington D.C., where you can volunteer with Mental Health America — the founder of mental health awareness month! Otherwise, try to find similar services, or you can volunteer with other wellness organizations.

Soup kitchens and homeless shelters (also women’s shelters, and similar), are always looking for extra helping hands, for example.

If you film a little about your Act of Kindness and submit it to us at Lovetuner, it can be used as currency for your own tuner!

Mental health awareness is important, and we hope to inspire you to take action! Let us know your plans, your ideas, and how Lovetuner has aided your own mental health journey.