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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Lovetuner Day 5 28 2021 Sigmar Berg

Lovetuner Day Celebration 2021

Love your Lovetuner? Celebrate with us, on Lovetuner Day, May 28th!

May is the fifth month of the year, and day 28 finishes the correspondence to the love frequency. We’ll be celebrating the whole day but specifically ask you, our dear community member, that you join us for a worldwide tuning session at 5:28 PM if at all possible!

Let’s focus on the beauty of the love frequency but also the foundation of that frequency and the Lovetuner group. Creating connections, healing ourselves and the planet Earth, and bringing together communities are all keystones!

Want to know how to get involved? It’s as simple as tuning on 5/28 at 5:28, for 528 seconds if possible! If you are a solitary tuner, that works just fine because we’re essentially creating a sonic band of love around the world, so wherever you’re from and even if you’re alone, it works just as well. Due to the pandemic and as always for long-distance tuners, joining up isn’t even necessary but you can still tune with others. Many tuners will tune via video calls, with people they already know or even with strangers. If you want to do group tuning but haven’t met other tuners, be sure to join our Facebook group, “Lovetuner One Journey”!

Some other ways to celebrate the Lovetuner?

Yourself first! Sometimes that is what love is, isn’t it - putting yourself first. Why? Because burn-out prevention is the key to high performance, not only for yourself but for your work with others. Lovetuner helps prevent those burn-outs by turning any moment into a relaxing one.

If you’re looking to turn your everyday duties into a tuning session, it’s actually pretty easy. Lovetuner is the tool for busy multi-taskers. This way can be celebrated on Lovetuner Day too, if necessary! If you have a bit of extra time for yourself and want to really make the day a special one, take yourself on a date. This is becoming a more and more popular activity in our tuning community!

Try out a nice restaurant, buy some fresh-cut local flowers, and doll yourself up (or down if that’s your style) and take yourself on a date. You could also turn this into a “staycation” - where you find the fun activities and local tourist spots to have a fun day for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it’ll help you fall in love with your city, and learn a bit more about you. Bring your tuner too if you’re going to any secluded spots, or tune in the car!

Get family and friends involved. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to introduce the Lovetuner to your close friends and loved ones, then today is the day! Any day can be a special occasion if we make it one. The Lovetuner is an easy-to-use anti-anxiety whistle developed by Sigmar Berg and backed by Deepak Chopra. It can be used by anyone of any age and is a tool for connection, natural stress relief, and improved health using the love frequency. If you’re not sure your kids are going to be interested in it, be sure to check out our “The Next Gen” and “Teaching Mindfulness in Schools” for games to teach your children to use it. This includes solo kids and groups!

Make a communal meal. Share this with family, friends, and strangers. You can make any dish you feel would be the best use of your skills, but going the traditional route with historically communal dishes could be a fun idea! This could be a fun educational activity if you’re including children, teaching them cooking, a bit of history, and how kindness can be as easy as splitting a loaf of bread!

Speaking of kindness, the best way to inherit the powers of the love frequency is to also actively practice love and empathy for others. The love frequency is about connection! What can you do to create more of that? Use Lovetuner Day to do all things love! Whatever this means for you and your community while also being in your limitations, practice it. Even if it’s something basic, doing what you can with what you have is enough. Remember, wealth is not just financial, and kindness is a regenerative resource.

Just as the love frequency can bring up the energy in your home, other things, like plants, bring up the energy. What plants are historically connected to love? What about your own personal connections? Research what plants are native to your location and plant them at your house. This helps support the local ecosystem and provides material for the native pollinators! Plants can also help heighten the feeling of community when tuned with. That might sound strange, but if you see The Green Lovetuner article, you’ll find all about why the color green and plants are relevant to the 528hz cycle. It works as a little bit of a science lesson too, which makes it another relevant topic for anyone, but especially kids still learning about photosynthesis or wavelengths! 

Check something off your bucket list. What better way to celebrate love other than discovering a bit more about life and gaining experiences? Find what activities are available on 5/28 (considering seasonal changes some things may not be possible) and be sure to clear time for them! This is also a chance for you to do something your family or significant other has been wanting to do for a while if you don’t have any ideas just for yourself - it can be an activity creating more connection.

What will you do for Lovetuner Day? Be sure to show us in our Facebook group “Lovetuner One Journey”, and join us for a worldwide tuning session on 5/28 at 5:28!