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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Lovetuner Celebrates International Children's Day

Lovetuner Celebrates International Children's Day

How did you celebrate International Children’s Day?

Every June 1st since the day’s inauguration in 1949 has been dedicated by the United Nations to the well-being of children. Children have the right to grow up with safety, protection, comfort, and access to education and medical care. That is the whole intention behind the movement, and it’s one that we at Lovetuner can stand in unison with.


What can we do to provide more for our children? While many of us think about giving things, such as food or toys, we sometimes forget about the emotional resources that children need. They will be adults one day after all, and it’s best to go ahead and give them a solid foundation so they can psychologically prepare for the future.

Lovetuner is an anti-anxiety whistle. It’s easily accessible, it can be worn just like a necklace. The Lovetuner combines the 528hz miracle vibration with intentional deep breath therapy. Deep breathing is key to calming the nervous system. What do kids tend to do a lot? Tattle, roughhouse, get into silly fights about who was supposed to sit where, and many other things, but just because it seems silly to us doesn’t mean it is for them. Those emotions are genuine, and the outcry is an attempt at communicating, but not knowing how just yet because they are still maturing.

As we all know now with our adult years, the first step to communication is thinking, to process and then clearly vocalize our thoughts. Let Lovetuner be the key to your routine.

How can you help your kids?

1. Teaching emotional regulation to children gives them the resources they need to self soothe and eventually become an emotionally balanced adult. This can also help resolve fights between siblings (or friends), temper tantrums, overstimulation, and other issues we often see with children. Most emotional outbursts are related to an unidentified need or an insecurity. Self-awareness is a great foundation. Teaching children meditation, breath therapy, and similar exercises gives them the tools they need to overcome issues when without a parent. A Lovetuner makes the difference! Check out our article “The Next Generation” for techniques and ideas on how to use Lovetuner with your kids.

2. Introduce new dishes. A world that is safe for children means a world that accepts children of all different backgrounds. Unfortunately, it’s very common for children to experience bullying over the types of foods that they eat. Not only is this a traumatic experience for other kids, but it also puts your child in a limited experience. Take some time with your kids to learn about foods from other places! Select a few traditional (or modernized traditional) dishes from other places. Get your kids to join in on the process by prepping ingredients together, mixing, cooking, and then eating as a family. You can tune during the cooking process and practice more mindfulness. What smells can be identified? What textures? What sounds, between the tuning, boiling, and popping of oil, which is the loudest? If you’re dealing with picky eaters, trying drinks or breads from other places are an easy (and often inexpensive) introduction. If you don’t feel equipped to introduce foods from other places in an ethical way, that’s okay too — using these same techniques to make sure your child isn’t the one who only eats chicken nuggets or peanut butter sandwiches will mean that your child is more open to other foods later.

3. Get involved in a volunteer program for kids. Since the program is developed for kids, it’ll end up being an experience that provides education through fun and games. These can create some of the best childhood memories and foundations for who your child will become! You can choose to enroll your child in the program and drop them off, where they will learn, play, and put just a bit of elbow grease into a project; but many programs will also allow parent volunteers to play a role in the experience too.

Be sure to record your acts of kindness and submit them to us! This can be used as currency for another Lovetuner, which can be gifted to your child, a child they know, or another loved one.

4. Provide for others by providing for your child. There are many programs out there that will donate an item when you buy one of your own. So if you’re looking for toys, clothes, books, or whatever else to buy for your kid, check to see what programs offer these services! Not only will your child gain something, but so will a child in need. You can use this as a learning experience for your child too, and many of these programs will have some sort of “introduction” space where you can learn a little more about the children you’re helping. If the program you’re using revolves around books, do a tuning session beforehand to make the mind a clean slate and ready to absorb the pages! Some of these programs will let you know what families and children you’re helping, sometimes even creating programs where the children can communicate and get to know one another.

5. Get outdoors. Humans are becoming more reliant on technology and children are becoming more exposed for longer periods of time. Not only can this cause issues with posture, but issues with eyesight, attention span, and even more can arise. Getting your kids outdoors, exercising, moving around, and exploring can help curb these problems! It’ll also provide some necessary experiences that modern humans are missing. Learning about your native plants and animals can change all sorts of habits, to become more sustainable and even self-sufficient. Take your Lovetuner on your adventure, meditate with nature, and get ready to explore. If you know how to identify plants, you can even do some foraging. Dandelion greens, that haven’t been treated, are easy to identify, easy to find, and easy to cook up, as one example!

PS — you can use this opportunity to learn about photosynthesis, the color green, and plants. Check out our “Introducing the Green Lovetuner” article for more information!

Children are an interesting population because we tend to either overprotect or under-protect them. While there isn’t a way to immediately correct this, we can provide resources, and especially for self-management and awareness. What did you do for International Children’s Day? Let us know in the Facebook Lovetuner One Journey group or the comments below!