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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

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Lovetuner & Bioresonance: Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Modern science and the wisdom of the ancient ones are finally coming together: new research, emerging from around the world, is at last confirming the healing power of sound and in particular, the healing “magic” of the love frequency, 528hz, and the effect of the Lovetuner during mindful meditation.

In recent years, researchers have been testing the effects of sound on human cells, DNA, and bioenergetics with promising results that will surely change the way we view energy work and the healing powers of sound in the future. Scientists in Tehran have discovered that prolonged exposure of laboratory animals to the 528hz frequency creates a change in behavior and a reduction of anxiety and related behaviors. The results further reveal that reduced anxiety is related to an increase of testosterone in brain, which is induced by the 528hz frequency — also known as the love frequency to which the Love tuner is tuned.

Exciting studies from Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Biostudies show that certain ‘mechanosensitive’ genes react when subjected to audible sound. Certain types of cells, the fundamental units of life, respond to pressure, gravity, temperature, and light. “Sound is arguably the most important and ubiquitous environmental information we receive. So that brings up the question — do cells recognize sound?” asks Masahiro Kumeta, lead author of the study.

The answer — one that Lovetuner fans already know — is a resounding, “Yes!”

The Kyoto scientists discovered that genes involved in bone formation, the healing of wounds, and the extracellular matrix, which provides structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells, all respond to sound. In future studies, the group will “focus on tissue- and organism-level effects to investigate the biological significance of sound response in living systems.” Although the 528hz frequency was not specifically studied, this research signifies the possibility of sound healing being integrated into conventional medicinal therapies in the future. 

Last — but by no means least — in spring of 2019, researchers at the Genesis Academy in Europe, explored the specific affects of the Lovetuner and the 528hz frequency on the human brain. The research project was conducted on fifty random, anonymized test subjects who were attending a Lovetuner seminar. Immediately prior to the seminar, scientists took a baseline BESA (Brain Electrical Source Analysis) test of each subject. The pre-Lovetuner tests indicated that all fifty subjects were primarily in an imbalanced state of low energy, with one subject also exhibiting some anxiety and restlessness.

Next, these subjects joined with a larger group where they were introduced to the Lovetuner, learned a meditative breathing technique, and participated in a group mindfulness mediation with the Lovetuner. After the seminar, the fifty test subjects were re-tested with astounding results: all participants exhibited a dramatic, positive change to 99%-100% energetic balance and calm, thus verifying what many of us already knew: the Lovetuner works!

At the conclusion of the study, researchers concluded that “the Lovetuner is an excellent and easy way to create a significant, positive change in the natural vibration of humans and their environment (528Hz, the DNA positive).” That’s no surprise to us, but it’s nice to know that science agrees!