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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Lovetuner 528hz: Full Moon Tune

Lovetuner 528hz: Full Moon Tune

The moon has long been a fascination of humankind, featured in famous poems, folklore, and still one of the most significant symbols in movies. Living beings have long relied on the moon and her light as a guide, and today many of us have a deep-rooted love for the moon.

The moon reminds us that everything is a cycle. We are ever-changing and will be different from day to day, but we’re still ourselves. As life forms, we greatly rely on water to help us survive, but sometimes forget about how the moon has deeply affected our relationship to water.

Like water, the moon is related to our deep emotions. We know that the moon has an effect on tides, creating both harsh and mellow tides. Many also believe that the full moon affects animals and people, with reports of animals demonstrating higher energy, and being prouder and wilder during the full moon. Humans feel the turn of the wheel, more energy, and inspiration.

The full moon is a completion of a cycle. It will start anew soon after. It is fully illuminated and beaming. Take this opportunity to reflect on yourself and your journey. We are constantly improving and learning. It can be difficult to realize how far you’ve come as we live day to day. Looking back at the progress is essential to our well-being and sense of accomplishment.

For the next full moon, we invite you to schedule some time for yourself! This is a deeply spiritual, energetic time for humans. Taking this moment to relax and praise yourself is essential to well-being, even if you aren’t necessarily into the spiritual aspects. There is also the practical side of these things too.

First, mark out when the next full moons are. Many calendars already have this marked, but if yours doesn’t or you wish to mark the dates somewhere else, you should go ahead and do that. Setting a phone alarm or using an app that will remind you is also an option.

Then, make a plan for the first next full moon. As you experience your full moon rituals you’ll probably alter and perfect them, especially as every full moon can signify slightly different energies. Grabbing a notebook and pen, yoga mat, candles, and your Lovetuner will lead to a fulfilling time, but you can grab or exchange items as wanted. Most people enjoy meditation and manifesting during full moons. What hour you decide to start at is entirely up to you, but the moon being high in the sky is often preferred.

Lovetuner helps us connect to the space around us. It’s a form of mouth-breathing treatment that combines the power of intentional breath with the love frequency that has a powerful effect on our bodies and psyches. You can use the template below to make your own routine for the full moon!

Decide on a quiet space, grab your yoga mat, Lovetuner, and a mantra (optional).
Get onto your mat. The meditation pose you choose is up to you. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll suggest doing a regular cross-legged sit. Manifestation meditation is one of the most effective ways to raise your vibration, now we’ll get to throw the powers of Lovetuner into it.
Begin tuning. Lovetuner aids in wandering thoughts and lingering stress during the beginning of meditation that many of us experience. The tune will also help block out other noises you might hear or make up for the lack of noise by replacing them with a low, even-toned sound. Breath in deeply through the nose, and slowly exhale through your Lovetuner. Do this for as long as you need to feel focused and relaxed.
Reflect. Allow yourself to be open and emotional. We are our own biggest critics so even with ourselves it can be hard to be vulnerable. If this emotion is popping up, use Lovetuner even longer to drown them out and emotionally prepare. Think about how far you’ve come. Don’t think about the future just yet. Let yourself be whole, like the moon, in this very moment. Think about how far you’ve progressed and how proud you are of yourself for making it to this point.

Be grateful. Send out a thank you to the universe, your friends, family, resources, and yourSELF, all of which have helped you reach this point and will help you keep growing.

Repeat your mantra. Your mantra is totally up to you, if you have a general one you like to use or have found one specifically for this night’s energy, all are fine to use, as long as they focus on your success! You can speak mentally or physically, though physical means help you to really speak your goal into existence. If you’d prefer to not physically speak then you can continue tuning.

Visualize, tune, and wind down. If you wish to do some more in-depth meditation or yoga before winding down, feel free to. If not, visualize the path you want to take forward. Let it be illuminated by moonlight, and put yourself (mentally) on that path. Lovetuner plays the MI note, which is derived from the Latin word for “Miracle.” Lovetuning to close your cycle and open the new one is a setup for divine success!

Our emotions wax and wane just like the movements of the moon itself. Therefore it is always wise to keep in mind that most people will unknowingly become emotionally amplified during this time, so try not to take things personally if someone becomes angry with you more quickly, then likewise be forgiving and mindful of your own emotions during this time. With our electromagnetics amplified and our pineal gland writhing and pumping more stimulating adrenal hormone into our body, we tend to feel more awake and charged. Stay tuned!