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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Connecting to Nature with the 528 Hz Frequency

Connecting to Nature and Exploring the Power of 528hz

The founder and CEO of Lovetuner, Sigmar Berg, encourages you to reconnect with nature through the Lovetuner and the power of the 528hz frequency.
Use your Lovetuner to instantly reconnect with nature and reduce stress, sleep better and get more energy. Tuning can help you to create strong roots and ground yourself again.
In the writings of ancient cultures, breath has always been described as the essence of all life. Historical Egyptian papyri attribute a cosmological significance to the breath. The day represents the inhale and the night represents the exhale in the eternal cycle of our existence.
The nature tribes of today still connect with "Gaja" - Mother Nature - through the breath. 
Our breath represents the connection between mankind and the universe.
Mindfulness means nourishing this connection. Awareness of the oneness of our breath with nature, strengthens our roots and grounds us in a unique way.
The Lovetuner helps us to develop and strengthen our breath and is the link between our energetic system and the cycle of nature.
Think of your breath as pure light filling your entire energetic system. 
Each and every one of our cells is connected to all that is and contains all the information of our universe. Imagine the incredible power you can reactivate when you tune all your cells into a higher vibration through your breathing exercise with your Lovetuner.
Whenever you use your Lovetuner and tune in, you reconnect with the life source of Mother Nature. This healing energy combined with the frequency of 528hz, that can be found everywhere in nature, supports us to develop our self-healing powers.
We become healthy and whole again.