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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Celebrate World Animal Day: Love-Tune With Your Best Friends

Celebrate World Animal Day: Love-Tune With Your Best Friends

Every pet owner knows that animals innately respond to sound. In the wild, that’s how they hunt, are alerted to danger, and survive predators. When we talk to our pets, we most often do so in a “sing-song” voice, because although our animals may not understand our words, they certainly pick up on our feelings through the sound and intonation of our voices. And for thousands of years, shepherds have known that speaking to the animals in their care by calling them in a specific tonal high-low pattern -- a perfect fourth, or even a major third for you music buffs – was key to keeping their herd calm and getting their attention when they begin to wander.

Today, we have the Lovetuner to help us not only calm and heal our pets, but to connect with them on a deeper spiritual level. According to animal trainer and Lovetuner advocate Robert Cabral, sound is the second strongest sense for dogs. The same holds true for our feline friends, who have a very acute sense of hearing and can discriminate between different sounds and pitches much better than humans. Lovetuner Founder and CEO, Sigmar Berg, tunes on a long walk with his dogs every day.

Practitioners around the world have used sound to heal and connect with animals for centuries, and the 528 hz frequency takes that one step further by affecting animals in the same way it affects us: by instantly releasing stress and anxiety, aligning and the water molecules in our bodies, and healing our DNA. That’s why tuning in with the Lovetuner is such a great way to connect and relax with your animals.

With the Lovetuner, we can instantly calm, heal, and share the Love with our animals through the most profound and beneficial sound of all: the 528 hz frequency.