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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Dr. Deepak Chopra Introduces The Lovetuner

Dr. Deepak Chopra Introduces The Lovetuner

Deepak Chopra and Lovetuner unite to help create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, happier and healthier world.

Deepak Chopra introduces the Lovetuner, the small, single-tone flute that increases mindfulness in your everyday life. Learn how to use the Lovetuner and the benefits of tuning with Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned pioneer of alternative medicine and spiritual healing. He has made contact with millions around the world, done hundreds of events, and definitely has positively impacted the world. Chopra is a speaker, a guide, an author, and even more. You can see a variety of videos and events that he has attended, endorsing the Lovetuner, here on the Lovetuner website. This even includes being on the Tonight Show, hosted by Conan O’Brien!

Use it for Mindfulness.

The Lovetuner is an anti-anxiety whistle that uses the power of breath meditation and the love frequency to create a harmonious, relaxed space, soul, and mind. Lovetuner is an essential part of daily life, for anyone, but especially those who are looking to open the floodgates to self-esteem, improvement, and peace. Be sure to check out our Arrive in the Here and Now article, as well as articles regarding mental health or other forms of meditative practices.

Here’s one of the great things about it — it can replace meditation.

Meditation is important and we get it, it can be so hard to find the time to actually meditate. Between work, school, errands, keeping up the house, a social life, family, and everything else? Well, part of the reason that people don’t meditate is because they feel they don’t have time! These people and more also want to meditate but find it impossible because their mind is overworked, making it impossible to focus and actually get into the zone — and then they feel bored, rather than relaxed. Lovetuner is a key to both of these issues! Not only can Lovetuner replace meditation with just 6 breath cycles (thanks to being tuned into the 528 hz frequency), but it can also open your mind up to better meditation sessions. If you’re struggling to get into meditation, whether it’s mind or time, Lovetuner is here to help.

The Lovetuner is very simple to use.

Remove the tuner from its cap, place the rounded side between your lips, inhale through the nose, and exhale into the tuner. However, there are some different exercises you can employ for increased benefits — and we have adapted some for children too! Be sure to check out our “How to use the Lovetuner,” and “Teaching Mindfulness in Schools,” articles for all of the information! Lovetuner can also be used in a wide variety of settings. We have articles regarding the symbolism of tuning with the sunset, with the full moon, at the beach, spring equinox, and with many more to come.

Lovetuner is also adaptable to your life and needs. You can use it around kids, animals, for better sleep, for dream recollection, and so, so much more. Click around the blog and be sure to pick out the articles that seem best fitting for you!

Invite love into your life with the Lovetuner.

Love comes in so many forms, and inviting love isn’t just about receiving it — it’s learning how to harness it! Just like anything else, love is a bit of a skill that takes practice and patience. There are several forms of love (be sure to read our Valentine’s Day and Single’s Awareness Day articles for information about those) and each one can have strengths and weaknesses. What many people lack these days is self-love. It’s become a popular topic yet we’re still seeing issues with really achieving it, especially on days that aren’t going so well with your social circle. Lovetuner can turn those moments around, and through the power of the love frequency and mindfulness, you’ll learn to invite even more in.

That’s not really where it stops either. Lovetuner is based around love, and that includes acts of kindness or service. Feeling of use to others is actually really great for one’s self-esteem and sense of worth. When we feel like we help others succeed, we feel better about our position on this earth. The great thing about acts of kindness/service is that they can help at least two people at once, and gives recipients the ability to get back on their feet and help keep spreading the love.

Any acts of kindness that you or anyone else hoping to get involved with the Lovetuner can submit a video about their act of kindness. Be sure to check out our “Lovetuner Accepts an Act of Kindness as Currency” article for rules about our guidelines, process, and inspiration!

Turning time into quality time is becoming more important in our modern society. With more things to do, more errands to run, more work, and less free time to simply hang out, the responsibilities simply feel more piled on. Combining errand and chore time with mindfulness time can help soothe some of these feelings. While it’s important to genuinely disconnect and get away from things, it doesn’t hurt to combine tasks in order to make the most of your time — and find more time to practice natural stress relief.

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Who introduced you to the Lovetuner? Who have you introduced to the tuner to, and who do you hope to? Let us know in the comments or in our Facebook group Lovetuner One Journey! We hope to hear from you. Until next time, stay tuned!