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The Benefits of Aligning Yourself with the 528 hz Frequency

The Benefits of Aligning Yourself with the 528 hz Frequency

Meditation has become a lot more mainstream in recent years, and meditating – especially when practiced daily – is important to keep your mental health in tip top shape. There are many ways to meditate, and there are many meditation tools available.

But what makes the Lovetuner uniquely different from any other meditation device, is its ability to align you with the optimal frequency.

The Solfeggio frequencies all have distinct benefits, but 528 Hz stands out in terms of its healing powers. It’s also often referred to as the Love Frequency or the Vibration of Love.

The 528 Hz frequency is found in almost every living organism, from human DNA to chlorophyll. It’s also one of the Solfeggio frequencies with proven health benefits. It has a deep-rooted relationship with nature. Chlorophyll (in plants) vibrates at this frequency. Bees buzz at this magical frequency to pollinate flowers. And the air we breathe is made up of this exact number of Hz. 

The vibrations made from 528 hertz resonate and connect with all living things around it. It has extraordinary benefits to the extent that we, as human beings, sometimes can’t even begin to comprehend, but that date back to ancient civilizations. Healers would often use the healing frequency to bless, heal and manifest goodness.

How Do the Healing Frequency and the Anxiety Necklace Benefit You?

The necklace connects your exhale with the power of the Healing Frequency. Much like a string instrument that needs to be tuned, we - as humans, as vibrational beings - also need “tuning”. Just like musical instruments. And that is the incredible value of this product: It aligns you with the magical frequency.

Some of the amazing benefits you might experience when you start using the anxiety necklace and you align yourself with the Love Frequency every day are, anxiety relief, reduced stress, improved lung capacity, mindfulness and focus. You’ll also feel more aware and more balanced. Besides, these products can also be ideal stress relief gifts to offer to someone who is in distress.

And these are just some of the known benefits. Listen to what this Love tuner necklace user has to say about its power and the said frequency.