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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

What Is The Lovetuner?

What Is The Lovetuner?

The Lovetuner is a mindfulness tool, a musical instrument, and a beautifully handcrafted necklace that has been shown to decrease anxiety, promote relaxation, and increase your brain’s ability to focus.

The Lovetuner organization believes in spreading love, kindness, and taking part in “gift culture.” To inspire spreading love and gift culture, Lovetuner accepts acts of kindness as a currency to get their own Lovetuner. We also want to demonstrate how to show constant kindness and inspire a community of love!

What is Kindness?

There are actually a few different definitions of kindness, depending on your values and ethics. Lovetuner believes in direct action to help others, as well as passive actions to help build up resources and community. This is a loving, accepting group!

Anything that is for the benefit of others, even self-improvement, is kindness.

What we also aim to do is show the most effective ways to be kind. Kindness comes through understanding. When we can’t understand how somehow has ended up in a situation or we have no idea what they need, we can still perform acts of kindness, but we might miss some that could have been even better for the recipient.

How to Spread Love Every Day

Love starts within. Being kind to yourself helps create more compassion to those around us, boosts our mood, and therefore our energy!

The day starts and ends with tuning. Distractions, a feeling of unease, and lethargy are all things that negatively impact us. They can also keep us from feeling like we can focus on ourselves. Lovetuner sets the mind right, recommended to use for at least 6 breath cycles and even longer if needed. The pleasant tune of the love frequency plus the abilities of breathing meditation help create a relaxed, focused, and loving state of mind. Removing negative energies gives us the strength to create positivity!

Fill your space with positivity. What items bring you joy and energy? Keeping those items around you, such as plants, helps increase inspiration.
Transform the mundane. Moments like cooking, cleaning, or getting ready for bed can be turned into meditative sessions. Tuning while doing this activity takes it from an autopilot action to intentional, mindful activity.

Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes. Holding the door open for someone, thanking a server, or donating, are all different levels. They’re all necessary too! Whatever you can do to make someone feel seen and respected can change their whole day.

Holidays and birthdays are usually when we reserve the bulk of our public demonstrations of our love. Instead of waiting for a special occasion, focusing on creating appreciation and joy each day (or at least most days) will help us create a constant harmony.

Say thank you. What do your family or friends do for you on an average basis? What about coworkers, professors, or others you see often? Thank them for their actions but also their general presence!

Inspire gift culture. Humans are natural gifters. As children, one of our automatic responses to showing love to parents or friends is giving them an item. Sometimes it’s artwork, sometimes it’s a nice flower, sometimes it’s something else. As we grow up we start restricting these actions. Sometimes it might even be called consumerist today. Gift culture however comes from the concept of showing emotion and appreciation. Gifts can be material OR time-focused! Why not combine them? Gifting Lovetuner to a loved one shows you care about them. Tuning with friends and family creates a deep sense of connection. Plus, you’ll be giving them stress relievers, when stress levels are at an all-time high!

Get involved. A lot of us know about world hunger, but what about the hunger in our own communities? Your community could also use the help! Find out what your community is struggling in. If there aren’t specific issues to be worked on, then focus on what individual communities may need help. Keeping a stockpile of goods to give to those who need it allows you to do frequent acts of kindness. Things like wet wipes, masks, hygiene products, or school products like notebooks and pens, are all valuable.

Be in there here and now. Part of getting involved is being present. Lovetuner helps us reconnect to the space around us and become engaged. What is here? Practicing mindfulness in your local community and to wildlife and nature is a major act of kindness and a learning opportunity! Find out what plants and animals are native to your area, then introduce them to your home as much as possible. Being part of nature is one of the best ways to relieve stress. As you bring native plants, you’ll introduce more resources for native wildlife, which will learn to come to your yard and windowsills specifically.

Inspire others. Setting an example and educating others on how they can be kind creates a chain reaction. Some people are not kind because they haven’t been exposed to enough kindness, or feel that they don’t have much of themselves to extend to others. Creating a community of nurturing lets the roots out wider!

How do you use your Lovetuner to create kindness? What else can we do to harness these abilities? You can scroll through the rest of our Lovetuner articles to get more ideas on acts of kindness, education, and self-discovery! Any acts of kindness that fit within our guidelines can be submitted to us as currency for a Lovetuner. Tune in with us in the FB “Lovetuner One Journey” group.