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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

528 hz Love Frequency and the science behind it

Die Wissenschaft hinter der 528-Hz-Frequenz

The 528 Love Frequency Meaning and its Benefits

The Lovetuner, our revolutionary mindfulness tool, aligns you with the 528 Hz frequency (aka the Love Frequency or the Miracle Frequency) an ancient healing frequency with a unique physical and biological importance.

To explain the 528 Hz frequency meaning, it’s important to know that our entire universe is comprised of light and sound, frequency and vibration. The connection between music, cosmos and nature has been known since ancient times. It was Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist, who, in 1978, compared the frequencies in planetary orbits, architectural works, old and modern measuring systems, the human body, music and medicine, and discovered that they’re all connected.

In music, the 528 Hz sound frequency refers to the note “Mi” and is traced back to the expression “Mi-ra gestorum”, which in Latin means “miracle”. John Lennon composed his popular song Imagine in the 528 Hz frequency.

The 528 Hz love frequency is the most important of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies. It has a deep connection with nature and is found in chlorophyll, oxygen, rainbows, sunlight, and the buzzing of bees.

One of the 528 Hz frequency benefits is that it has a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind, and soul. Our cells and organs resonate with this frequency. The vibration of the 528 Hz sound frequency is transferred to our entire organism where it can unfold its positive effect. It activates and strengthens our natural self-healing powers.

DNA Repair and the 528 Hz Meaning:

All of the ancient Solfeggio frequencies have unique spiritual and psychological effects. But the 528 Hz frequency is of particular physical and biological importance. The number 528 is found in the geometry of the double helix or intertwining double spiral of our human DNA.

In the early 20th century, American scientist and inventor Dr. Royal Raymond Rife conducted research on the effects of various frequencies. A practitioner of radionics and electromagnetic therapy, Rife specifically referred to the 528 Hz frequency and its ability to repair DNA. Dr. Rife asserted that specific frequencies could heal us from disease with the use of vibrational frequencies, also known as radionics. (Royal Rife Machines FAQs, 2020)

Molecular genetic investigations have also shown that the 528 Hz frequency can be used to repair defective DNA strands or to restore human DNA to its original state. Scientific studies indicate that it increases the UV light absorption in DNA and can cure DNA by removing impurities that cause certain diseases.

The universal law of vibration indicates that all matter and molecules are constantly moving and vibrating. When we vibrate normal water at the 528 Hz frequency, it begins to vibrate synchronously and creates the crystal-shaped, high-energy water clusters that form the DNA’s protective matrix.

The 528 Hz healing frequency can positively influence water cell clusters and support the elimination of toxins. Bio-resonance tests have measured up to a 90% improvement in vital functions after exposure to 528 Hz. Water that is clustered in a six- sided or hexagonal shape is of incredible importance for the structure and health of our DNA.

When we vibrate water at 528 Hertz, it begins to vibrate synchronously and creates the crystal-shaped, high-energy water clusters that form the DNA's protective matrix. In Fork In the Road, Biochemist Steve Chemiski points out that these water clusters vibrate at precisely 528 cycles per second. Although this may have an indirect effect on DNA, it is at the same time a remarkable example of the potential of this miracle frequency to heal our DNA. And the conclusion can be drawn that the frequency can protect and heal our DNA. (Hulce, 2009.)

The physical reaction that occurs on a cellular level during tuning with the Lovetuner when you’re aligning with the 528 Hz frequency, can be felt throughout the body. Because our physical body is more than 70% water—with our blood consisting of over 90% water—the formation of water molecules into a perfect hexagon crystal helps to almost immediately create a feeling of relaxation, thereby dissolving stress and anxiety.

528 Sound Frequency: The Principle of Resonance:

If one object vibrates at the same time as a second object, the second object is automatically placed into the vibrational motion of the first object. (You can watch this happen with tuning forks here.) Now, imagine that the Lovetuner is the first object, and you are the second object. The vibration of the Lovetuner brings out the love that naturally exists within you and aligns your vibrational frequency with the 528 Hz love frequency.

As a result, you’ll find more inner balance. Other 528 Hz frequency benefits are an increased life energy, mental clarity, conscious perception, as well as awakened and activated creativity and ecstatic states, such as feelings of deep inner peace and joy.

By now you must be curious to know what the 528 Hz frequency actually sounds like. We have 528 Hertz music and videos for you to listen to and download here. Bring your focus from your head to your heart with this music. Tune along if you like, as you relax and enjoy the healing vibrations of the 528 Hz miracle frequency.

This ancient healing frequency creates an altered state within the body, mind and soul.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed, the Lovetuner will help you. It is calibrated to 528 Hz and aligns you with this frequency. It creates a spiritual breath and turns your exhale into the vibrational love frequency of 528 Herz, thereby giving immediate relief from stress or anxiety.