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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Robert Cabral, Dog Trainer & Founder Of Bound Angels Speaks About The Lovetuner

Robert Cabral, Dog Trainer & Founder Of Bound Angels Speaks About The Lovetuner

The Lovetuner Effect

On humans, Lovetuner creates a sense of being relaxed, totally engaged, focused, and full of energy. When studying animals with this frequency we can also see that prolonged exposure has a variety of effects, including reduced anxiety! For more in-depth information about the effects of Lovetuner, check out our Lovetuner Benefits article.

While studies are trying to test general noises such as varieties of music styles we see that there’s a mixed bag of results. What this likely means though is that due to processing differences and evolutionary differences, sounds may have different effects. That’s part of the beauty of the love frequency though because isn’t purely about the noise, but the frequency.

Is that to say the animals actually enjoy it? Well….

Animals and Body Language

Not all language is verbal. Animals are very receptive to body language because it’s one of their main forms of communication. Every pant and tail wag is a piece of language waiting to be translated. Similarly, while animals can be taught verbal commands, they mostly rely on our body language to understand situations and be guided.

It’s incredibly important we start actually understanding what animals try to say to us! Did you know panting in a dog can be a sign of stress? While sneezing or snorting can be wanting to play! How many situations would we improve for our dogs and other pets if we actually took time to understand them and actively communicate in return?

When we create an atmosphere of relaxation, have a routine, and display relaxed body language, we show our animals that they too are safe. When we’re running around, disorganized, and showing stressed body language, the animals often feel worried and can begin acting out too.

Interestingly enough, horses are particularly sensitive to our emotions and may not fully work with someone if that person is too anxious, or they can become very agitated and jumpy for seemingly no reason.

Working to create a relaxed environment will help create a better bond and deeper connection with your pet. Even if they don’t inherently enjoy the sound (just like us, all of them may prefer certain noises over others) they will start to learn that this is noise for peace and relaxation.

Tuning with Your Pets

Animals like routine and body language. How you tune and interact with your pet will depend on its species. The communication style for a pet dog is not the same as for a pet bird!

Lovetuner is an anti-anxiety whistle. It creates a low sound. As we can see in the video, the dogs love it and come in closer during tuning! This discussion comes up in our FB “Lovetuner One Journey” group quite frequently, so you can also ask for more information about specific animals or tips there, as well as share experiences! The love frequency is shown to reduce anxiety in animals, meaning it does have at least some of the effects for animals that it does for us. Time will only tell how many more it has!

Animals are naturally more relaxed with low-pitched tones. High pitched tones set off their senses, increase anxiety or excitement, and do not create a calm reaction. Low tones are key to creating relaxation.

Many tuners enjoy using their Lovetuner during walks with their dogs. Especially if you’re someone that takes your dog on hikes and connects to nature, you’ll totally transform your experience by tuning during your hike! Sound healing has also been practiced with pets, Lovetuner is simply a new option with easy access.

When animals are looking to us for information, they observe our whole body and demeanor. Humans however tend to only pay attention to faces and tails (and often misread the cues, not every smile and tail wag is actually from happiness)! When we communicate with our pets we need to be aware of our body language.

Lovetuner is a mindfulness tool. By practicing mindfulness you’ll naturally see differences in your body tension as well as practice how to identify your body language and change it. Imagine if you had been home alone all day, then your family walks into the house, yelling, angry, and stressed. Pets first look to our body language to understand situations. When we return home full of negative energy and tension, when we stomp around the house full of tension, this can be really upsetting to pets, even if you’re not bringing negative energy intentionally. Lovetuner gives us the ability to quickly relax, bring positive energy, bring love, and ground ourselves. Pets will pick up on this! What we get is a combination of the animals being able to experience sound healing and the love frequency, as well as a deeper bond with our animals. Mindfulness, body language, peace, and intentional nonverbal communication with your pet provide an even deeper understanding!

Have you already used Lovetuner with your pets? Let us know how you tune, in the comments or in our Facebook Lovetuner One Journey group!