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Podcast With Aaron Cameron

Podcast With Aaron Cameron

Lovetuner Podcast - Aaron Cameron

Lovetuner CEO & Co-Founder, Sigmar Berg, invites Lovetuner advocates to share their story and journey.

On today’s podcast we invite Aaron Cameron, founder of the Q360 Club, to discuss a holistic, non-invasive approach to harness a wide range of energy fields to help people accelerate and amplify their own healing capabilities.

Aaron Cameron sits down with Lovetuner founder Sigmar Berg to discuss healing energies. The Q360 Club focuses on natural healing methods and has the ability to identify almost any ailment. The process is soothing and nurturing, creating an atmosphere that clients can really relax in and know they’re going to receive highly attentive care. An evaluation at Q360 is a real-time process, cutting down on waiting times and getting right down to treatments! But what creates their ability to find these ailments and heal them so quickly? Well, the answer is in the name! The Q in Q360 stands for the infamous quantum field. This field is what connects all of us and transmits information through energy waves, using the power of light, sound, and even the capabilities of water to heal. You know here at Lovetuner we talk all the time about sound healing and the connection life and health has to water!

Cameron’s connection to the abilities of natural healing? He himself has witnessed these miracles, saving his mother’s life and even his own later on. At one point, he tore his Achilles tendon and refused to be treated by the hospital. Instead, he treated it at home with these same methods used at Q360. The result? Fully recovered and healed after just 2 weeks! Imagine how much money, time, and pain could be saved if we would turn to alternatives and hone in on the natural healthcare around us.

Not only should we be working on healing, but we should be working on prevention. Cameron and Berg discuss a variety of modern ailments in this podcast. The good news is though, should you encounter an imbalance in your body, there’s probably an easy-to-find remedy. Because of the methods used at the Q360 Club, not only are you experiencing physical healing, but you’ll find yourself healing in the soul and in your energy too! This experience offers things that other forms of medicine simply don’t.

This is the power of natural healing and natural relief. Just as we are all interconnected, Lovetuner and the Q360 Club share the goal of providing natural, safe alternatives to the public!

In this day and age, it can be really hard to get away from technology. Most of our lives revolve around it, we use it for entertainment purposes outdoors and indoors, and it is all around us. That means that more than ever it’s important that we use prevention tactics. Cameron provides neutralizer devices for the times that you aren’t able to unplug — obviously if you’re reading this online, you’re probably surrounded by some of these unwanted frequencies. You can check out their “Angels” machines for more information on how each one works, here on their store!

For the times that you really can get away from anything, or need to raise up your frequency after a day with tech, Lovetuner is there for you. Tuning helps raise frequency and brings us back to what should be our natural frequency. Raising this frequency brings us closer to natural spaces as they too naturally harness this frequency and simply aren’t being lowered all the time like we are. If you’re trying to really reconnect with nature and do more than tuning on a hike (always a lovely option!), be sure to check out our Tuning At Sunrise, Full Moon and Tune, and the Malibu Beach Lovetuner Session articles for tuning specifically in natural settings!

The Lovetuner is a revolutionary mindfulness tool that aligns you with the 528hz frequency, the vibration of love. In music it means adjusting the pitch of a tone. In humans, it means adjusting your emotional and physical state to align with your environment — literally tuning in and harmonizing with yourself and what is around you. The Lovetuner has a profound effect on the body, mind, and spirit. Designed for all ages, it allows individuals to reduce stress and anxiety within a couple of breaths. Just like darkness cannot exist in a room of light, stress, and anxiety cannot exist in this frequency.

Tuning is a very simple and easy way to practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercises. It connects your breath with a low volume audible sound and the frequency of 528 Hz — also referred to as the Love Frequency. When played together it allows people to experience the feeling of equality and unity. The love frequency is known for healing the mind, body, and spirit. Interesting how natural remedies don’t target just one ailment!

Check out The Q360 Club site! Join their membership program for special offers and updates on their workings. All you need to do is submit an application to their membership page after filling out the form and wait to be processed. Members also have special access to certain equipment, like the Hydrogen Ion Cloud. The services don’t stop there though, so be sure to check them out!

Likewise, be sure to check out the rest of the Lovetuner site. You can see our other podcast episodes, a breakdown in information about the love frequency and Lovetuner, as well as a plethora of articles on how to integrate the Lovetuner into your daily life — including teaching kids stress management!