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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Malibu Beach Lovetuning

Malibu Beach Lovetuning

The love frequency of 528hz is the natural frequency of water and other organic material. The beach has long since been considered one of the most peaceful places to be. Why not combine Lovetuner with your beach trip?

The beach is a playground for mindfulness practice!

Why we love the beach

All of the noises, sights, and textures at the beach make a relaxing sensory cocktail. The sun soaking into our skin boosts happy chemicals like serotonin and increases our vitamin D intake. The repetitive crashing of waves is relaxing and steady. The feeling of sinking into warm sand and being able to wade in waters — of course we love the beach! It’s an immersive experience of sensations that cause the warm fuzzies.

That’s also why people love to meditate or just hang out at the beach. Made of flat open land, we get a good visual of the space around us and can see all that is happening. This allows our minds to relax, no longer waiting for potential threats. Nowhere else is as relaxing as this!

The beach is full of our life sources and origins. When we were in the womb, we were surrounded by water. Our bodies are made of 65% water and our brains are 77% water! We ourselves have a major connection to water. Connecting to the beach is another way to connect to the natural soul!

Tuning at the beach

There are lots of opportunities to tune at the beach! Just be sure to bring some sort of bag or container for your Lovetuner should you do anything more than wading — you don’t want to get the tuner wet.

Lovetuner is one of the many good stress relievers, and so is the beach! You’ll have a natural stress relief remedy in no time.

Meditation, especially sounding meditation for stress therapy, is perfect at the beach. Practice focusing on all of the different sensations and paying attention to their differences. Which textures do you like? What feelings do you get at the beach?

1. Find a comfy spot to sit. You can sit in or out of shallow water; we’ll be focusing on the sounds of waves.

2. Listen to the waves in silence. Practice mindfulness through sensations. How do the waves sound when they come into the shore, crash, and then recede? Can you time its rhythm? If you can be touched by the water, focus on how it feels when it comes and goes. Settle into its tone.

3. Breathe to the rhythm of the waves. Take in a deep breath as the waves approach. Hold that breath as the waves crash. Then exhale into your Lovetuner as the waves recede back. Repeat this process as long as you want to. Lovetuner is suggested to be used for at least 6 breath cycles.



Meditation with a sandcastle. This is a fun visualization practice!

Choose a spot for your sandcastle. It can be near the water if you’re okay with it getting slowly washed away after.
Feel the warm sand and pay attention to how it compacts and sticks together. Visualize the sandcastle as you, building up yourself to meet your goals. Decorate it with shells, sticks, and other beach debris, however it feels fit! Let yourself get carried away in the process, only focusing on the sandcastle. This can be as short as 3 minutes or as long as an hour; it’s all up to what feels best to you.
Use your Lovetuner while you build your castle to be fully immersed and relaxed!
Long, romantic walks on the beach with me, myself, and I. Walking while tuning is one of the favorite activities of tuners! This allows you to relax and feel connected to the nature around you. All extra thoughts melt away and we’re left with just the sensation of being part of the experience, not simply in it. Even if it won’t be your only activity at the beach — you’ll likely move around a bit searching for shells or better swim spots — make the most of it!

Find something specific about this particular beach. Beaches are full of folklore, battlegrounds, local culture, and ghost stories. Some beaches may be unique in the wildlife they host or the specific sand they have, which have different energetic charges. Taking a moment to explore the beach itself, spot interesting wildlife, and reflect on the stories can make us much more appreciative. All these stories and lifeforms and you get to take part in it! While resonating, take a moment to hang out and tune. Every life form loves the love frequency!

Write a message in the sand. Writing in the sand is another mindfulness exercise that involves the senses. The unique sensation of wet sand and practicing fonts is a common activity that most of us like to do, whether intentionally or mindlessly. Write a message to yourself, to the beach, or to others!

Whatever activities you partake in with Lovetuner at the beach, send us a photo! We would love to see all the different places you and your tuner have traveled and all the memories made.

Tuning into the sunset while working on the alignment of our trinity — Body, Mind & Spirit — with the Lovetuner, a single tone flute calibrated in 528hz, the so-called Love Frequency. This empowering and intimate Lovetuner Session opens our greatest potential, shifting habitual mind patterns, and creating a fresh new relationship with ourselves. Wanted side effects — relaxation, anti-anxiety, and happiness! For more information on Lovetuner Sessions or Lovetuner Teacher Training please contact us.