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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

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Lovetuner Amulet

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The Amulet is a fine silver and energized healing amulet.

You experience true happiness when you share what you love.

The Lovetuner connects all hearts around the world.
The Lovetuner Amulet is a token of eternal love, a symbol of ancient wisdom and divine protection, energized with the vibration of love, the magical frequency of 528hz.

The Lovetuner Amulet is made of oxidized .999 silver, the purest form.

Re Horakte is known as the Ancient Egyptian Sun God - the union of Horus of the Horizon and Atum the All, he represents the substance from which all creation evolved, the all-knowing, all-powerful Being. All creatures are under his wings of protection. 
Give it to yourself as a statement of self-love and awareness.

Gift it to your friends, family and loved ones, create a divine connection and transmit love, abundance and protection combined in one piece.
From one heart to another heart.
Two hearts - One heartbeat.
All hearts  - One heartbeat
Let’s raise the frequency, spread the love, and make this world a better place.