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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Zoom Out and Get to the State of No Mind with Lovetuner

Zoom Out and Get to the State of No Mind

Lovetuner Founder and CEO, Sigmar Berg, shows you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Longer exhale, longer life. "Zoom out", get into a state of "no mind".

Tuning can take you beyond any physical level into a dimension of higher consciousness. Empower yourself and enjoy your ice bath while meditating.

Boost your immune system, gain physical strength and mental power through the Lovetuner and the magic of the 528hz frequency. With the help of the Lovetuner you will be able to zoom out and go beyond the 3D level of experience. Pain is a 3dimensional feeling.

Tuning yourself into a higher vibration means that you can transform fear, anxiety, any feeling of pain that you have when you are aware of your physical appearance. You reach a level of no mind and no physics and experience a feeling of unity and connection to all that is. 

A higher level of consciousness gives you the possibility to heal yourself, the sensation of ONE LOVE and the ability to see the "bigger picture".