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Your Lovetuner Also Needs Love & Care!

Your Lovetuner Also Needs Love & Care!

The Lovetuner is a sensitive, exact pitched musical instrument and needs to be handled with care.

To protect your Lovetuner, place it back in the cap with the rounded mouth piece side facing up.

To clean the Lovetuner, use a small amount of water and towel, making sure to let the tuner completely dry before returning it to the cap. You can also use sterilizing agents, but we recommend that a very little amount is used and properly cleaned off.

Keep your Lovetuner neat and clean, avoid dropping it and always store the tuner in the Lovetuner cap for protection.

The Lovetuner is exactly pitched to 528 hz but careless handling and extreme temperature changes can cause deviations to the frequency.