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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

World Children’s Day: Supporting our Future

World Children’s Day: Supporting our Future

Today, we celebrate those who will inherit our habits, our knowledge, and our earth. 

Since 1954, World Children’s Day has been celebrated around the globe in an effort to focus on togetherness and the future of our world: children. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has robbed children of their security. Living in the most technologically and medically advanced time to date couldn’t stop a virus from shutting down their world and changing their lives completely.

Imagine the fears they hold inside. The losses they have suffered. The experiences they’ll never have.

When adults of any age reflect on childhood, we remember simpler times. We reminisce about summers outdoors with our neighborhood friends. Holding hands with our classmates and playing Red Rover at school. Sharing an ice cream cone with the neighbor’s dog.

Our children spent months behind computer screens, plexiglass, and masks. They spent summer vacations indoors or in yards without a friend in sight. 

We expect them to return to “normal”. Go back to school and behave. Students had their last normal, in-person, pre-pandemic school year three years ago, and we somehow expect them to behave properly without having those 3 years of socialization. Grow up. Act your age. Be respectful.

We’re frustrated. We’re tired. We’re burnt out. We don’t understand why these children are so immature. Why they’re so disrespectful. 

The kids are frustrated. They’re  tired. They’re burnt out. They don’t understand why adults are being so hard on them. They don’t understand the expectations society places on them outside of their homes. They don’t understand themselves.

The academic and social losses are real. It’s hard to see children struggle to perform basic skills in the classroom and know that they should be miles beyond their current levels. 

Yes, children need to learn basic math concepts. They must learn to read and write well in their native language. Kids should explore the world around them. They should learn about biology, ecology, geology, and more.

But more importantly, they need to learn about their own minds, bodies, and spirits. They need to learn how to connect with themselves so they can connect with the people and the world around them.

It’s time to heal.

Our children need us, and we need them. They should be revered for their resilience and rewarded with tools to create a better tomorrow. As adults we have moved on as best we can. In our memories, we hit fast-forward over the thick of the pandemic. Kids are still reeling. Their still-developing brains can’t cope with the past two years in the same way the brains of adults can.

If it’s still hard for us to deal with the pandemic, why do we expect kids to be over it already?

As adults awaken to the need to reconnect with themselves, one another, and nature, children enjoy the ripple effects of our wholeness. The Lovetuner empowers people of all ages to take control of their breath, minds, and wellness. Through intentional breathing and mindfulness, our children and our world can be healed.

Parents can create a healing environment from the home by inviting their children to practice mindful breathing and Lovetuning. Teachers can encourage healing in schools by implementing lessons on mindfulness and utilizing Lovetuners for focus, clarity, and stress-relief. Coaches can promote healing by tuning into love as a team and practicing self-acceptance. 

Childhood is fleeting. It is our job as former children and current adults to teach children to celebrate the beauty of the stage in which they are living. Our presence of mind is a present to children. Our wellness is a gift to children. What children see, hear, and feel, they will imitate. 

Our job is to lead by example. We must show our children how a healthy, whole human looks, sounds, and acts. Let them see us tuning to the frequency of love, inviting peace into our lives, and bringing balance to the world around us.

Let’s teach children to be present in the moments when the sun bathes their faces in healing light. Let’s teach them to breathe through uncertainty, discomfort, anxiety, excitement, love, and joy. Let’s help them build a strong foundation within themselves so that their inner peace is a beacon to those who need love. Let’s teach children to heal themselves and heal others with the 528hz frequency. 

Let’s breathe. Let’s be present. Let’s celebrate the children of the world.