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Tuning, 528 Hz and the Solfeggio Frequencies

Tuning, 528 Hz and the Solfeggio Frequencies

Tuning with the Lovetuner is fairly easy to do. You inhale and on your exhale you blow into the tuner and you’re tuning to the love frequency. But why do we call it “tuning”?

Look at it this way. Just like an instrument such as a violin or a guitar needs tuning to perform optimally, we – as human beings – also need tuning so that we’re aligned with the right frequency, the right vibrations. And this particular frequency is the optimum frequency for us.

It is one of the Solfeggio frequencies, and they are all aligned with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. As Nikola Tesla famously said: “If you only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” He pointed out the importance of these numbers as the basic indicators of the divine and creative forces.

Tesla was aware of the numerical patterns that exist in the universe. They are repeated in star constellations, the development of embryonic cells, etc.

The 528 hz frequency – which is also known as the Love Frequency – is based on mathematical perfection, and can be reduced to the sum of 6, according to the Pythagorean method of reducing large numbers. The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras taught the perception of the invisible and was one of the first to decipher the mathematics of these sounds. He was the founder of the mathematical analysis of music and used music as therapy.

What Does Alignment Mean for Your Health?

The love frequency is the most significant on the Solfeggio hz frequency list. It can positively influence and repair our DNA.

Evidence has shown that this frequency positively affects cellular water clusters and assists in the removal of impurities. What scientists did was they looked at a microscopic image of water that was tuned for a few minutes to the healing frequency. What they saw was that the water clusters had been realigned into a perfect hexagonal crystal shape.

Our body consists of nearly 70% water - 90% if you include blood. This physical reaction while tuning is experienced on a cellular level in our entire body. This alignment of water molecules – makes sure you’re “in tune”, which results in instant relaxation, releases stress and anxiety and gives you an overall sense of feeling well, mentally and physically.

Take a look at what Lovetuner user Lauren has to say about the Solfeggio frequencies: