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Different Meditation Sounds and How Does it Help in Healing?

Different Meditation Sounds and How Does it Help in Healing?

Meditation Sounds

When someone mentions “meditation sounds”, does your mind instantly play a symphony beginning with “Om” which then cascades into a harmony of gongs, bells, chimes, and singing bowls? This is likely the case for many people, as meditation was seen for many years as a New Age practice meant only for yogis and other spiritual groups. Now, in the 21st century, the ancient practice of meditation is resurging as more and more people, including the scientific and medical community, embrace the healing powers of meditation.

Meditation sounds have less to do with particular instruments and more to do with vibrations. For instance, the 528hz tone of the Lovetuner vibrates to the so-called “Love Frequency” or “Golden Frequency”, which aligns you to the frequency of love as you meditate. As you tune, the water molecules in your body align with the 528hz frequency and promote a happier and healthier state of being.

Interestingly, any sound can be used for meditation purposes. Though some sounds are clearly more soothing than others, even extremely irritating sounds present an opportunity for healing meditation, as your true focus is not on the sound itself, but on your mind and body’s responses to the sound. Yes, this means you could meditate while your neighbor’s car alarm goes off in the middle of the night and you know they’ve flown out of town for the week. No one would actually choose a car alarm as their preferred meditation sound, and that’s why the Lovetuner is the perfect device to have on hand for truly peaceful meditation.

How Does Meditation Help? 

Meditation can put your mind, body, and spirit in harmony with the world around you. When we meditate, our brain is at work trying to synchronize different regions within and forming new connections. Each time we meditate, we can train our mind and body to relax more and more, release stress, combat negative thoughts, and create new circuitry and pathways for long-term benefits.

The Lovetuner is a powerful meditation tool because it can help you achieve a meditative state in just minutes, allowing you to reap the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of meditation more frequently and in more situations. Because of its portability, the Lovetuner is the perfect device to reach for in moments of stress, wherever they occur, but because of its pure tone and ability to align you to the 528hz Solfeggio frequency, it is the ultimate tool for longer, more focused mediation sessions as well.

As with all activities, practice makes perfect. The more you practice meditation, the more it can help you. Not only can you experience near-immediate physical benefits such as regulated blood pressure from meditating with the Lovetuner, but you can utilize the brain’s neuroplasticity to break unhealthy connections and build stronger, healthier pathways that flourish each time you meditate.

Focus and repetition are key when meditating, and the Lovetuner allows for a simple yet rich experience as you focus on holding a smooth, steady note and simultaneously practice awareness of the vibrations from your lips as they spread not only throughout your body but into the world around you.

Lovetuner Meditation Sound Healing

Different Types of Meditation Sounds 

Ok, so I may have insinuated that certain sounds are cliché when it comes to meditation, but there is a reason we associate certain sounds and instruments with meditation. For many years, chanting, gongs, tuning forks, singing bowls, chimes, drums, bells, and more instruments have been used for meditation practices. These are all great options, and we now have access to unlimited streams of music made specifically for meditating, and there are beautiful recordings of nature sounds as well.

While any meditation and any meditation sound is better than not meditating at all, the Lovetuner is a must-have tool for those who want to optimize the health benefits of meditation. Since the heart of the sound is vibration, breathing through the Lovetuner both sends vibrations through your cells and into the world around you, uniting you with the 528hz Love Frequency. As you tune, focusing on your breathing and holding a steady tone will help you center yourself, relieving stress and helping you to relax and find balance.

If you enjoy sound bath bowls that resonate to the 528hz “Golden Frequency”, you will love the Lovetuner. Although listening to the 528hz Love Frequency is always beneficial, using the Lovetuner allows you to create a spiritual breath, which means your exhale becomes the 528hz frequency. This spiritual breath can improve your health by strengthening your immune system, increasing your lung volume, and helping you find inner peace.

As I mentioned earlier, any sound can be a meditation sound. What makes meditation work is the focus on the breaths you take, noticing each inhale and exhale. If sensitivity to a certain sound is triggering your nervous system, notice the sound, but don’t focus on the sound. Instead, focus on your breaths and allow your mind to acknowledge the irritating sound without letting your attention avert to it. It’s difficult to maintain this self-control without putting too much energy into ignoring the sound that is bothering you, and this is another reason to use the Lovetuner. The Lovetuner helps you to bring your focus to your mind, body, and spirit as it draws your attention to not only the tone that you emit as you exhale, but the vibrations that you feel from your lips, throughout your body, and into the spiritual world to which you are connected in the 528Hz frequency.

Our favorite way to meditate is to use the healing meditation sound of the Lovetuner surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature. Whenever possible, maximize the benefits of meditation by using your Lovetuner as you listen to waves crashing against the shore, while you enjoy a crisp morning listening to singing birds, or when you are warm and cozy indoors listening to rain pattering against the window.