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Lovetuner: The Ultimate Combination of Breathwork and Frequency

Lovetuner: The Ultimate Combination of Breathwork and Frequency

Benefits of Breathwork

The breath is a vital function of our existence, our life begins and ends with a breath. The process of receiving oxygen through our inhale is a process we pay little attention to. Rarely does the act of breathing enter our consciousness, yet there is vast scientific documentation that tells us that there are benefits to taking a conscious breathing break.

You may have noticed in the past that when you get stressed, anxious, or scared your breathing pattern changes. When we shorten our breath, taking shallow inhales, and exhaling quickly, we are not only limiting the supply of oxygen to our body, but w are also placing our bodies into fight or flight mode. This can spike your blood pressure, increase your anxiety, raise your heart rate, and weaken your immune system. When you find yourself in a high-pressure situation, it is important to focus on your breath, making sure to slow down your inhale and elongate your exhale.

Breathwork is not only useful when in a stressful situation, but daily breathing exercises can improve your physical and mental health.

Some benefits of breathwork are:

  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Balanced Blood Pressure
  • Improvement of Lung Functions
  • Strengthening Your Immune System
  • Release of Stress Hormones

What is the best breathwork technique?

We recommend deeply inhaling through your nose, filling your lungs to capacity you should feel your stomach expanding. As you go to exhale, let out a steady elongated exhale through your mouth. Listen to the tone of the Lovetuner to ensure you are keeping a steady tone. Attempt to hold this steady exhale for as long as feels comfortable to you. We recommend repeating this cycle for a minimum of 6 times.

What type of therapy is breathwork?

Breathwork is a spiritual, mental, and physical form of therapy. Incorporating breathwork in your daily routine helps to improve overall wellness. You work on your spiritual hygiene, helping you to be present in the moment and explore your full potential. Mentally you are reducing negative thoughts, calming your nervous system which helps to deal with stress and anxiety. Physically breathwork has positive effects on your lungs, as well as your immune system, which helps to aide against illnesses. 

Breathwork with the Lovetuner

It can be difficult to remind yourself to take a moment to breathe consciously and when you do, how can you know that your breathing exercise is effective?

The Lovetuner is a great tool to not only remind you to take a moment to focus on your breath daily, but it also helps you to ensure that your breathwork is effective.

The Lovetuner is a fun and simple way to practice breathwork, providing you with audible feedback, the Lovetuner promotes an elongated, steady exhale. Breathwork with the Lovetuner connects you to the power of the 528 Hz healing frequency. The 528 Hz Solfeggio frequency helps you to raise your vibration and aligns the water molecules in your body, giving you a sense of instant relaxation, and eliminating anxiety.

The Lovetuner comes in the form of a stylish necklace, so you are able to have it on you at all times, making this revolutionary breathing device available to you whenever and wherever.

What makes the Lovetuner such a powerful breathwork device is that while you are performing a breathing exercise you are being connected to 528 Hertz, a solfeggio healing frequency. The 528 Hz frequency has a healing and health-promoting effect on our body, mind, and soul. Our cells and organs resonate with this frequency. The vibration is transferred to our entire organism where it can unfold its positive effect. It activates and strengthens our natural self-healing powers.

Improve your health and incorporate the breathwork into your daily routine with the Lovetuner.

The Power of Breath

Incorporating breathwork into your daily routine helps you to harness the power of your breath. Familiarizing yourself with breath control is a powerful tool in one’s self-empowerment journey. On the Lovetuner podcast Lovetuner Founder, Sigmar Berg, had a discussion with Christian de la Huerta, renowned breathing coach and award-winning author, about the importance of breath and how we can utilize it to empower ourselves. When we have the ability to control our breath, we are better equipped to handle situations, remaining in control even when outside forces are creating chaos. You can watch the discussion between Christian and Sigmar or it is also available in audio format.

Breathwork is not only useful on a spiritual and emotional level, but it has endless physical benefits. When you combine your breathing exercises with the Lovetuner, you are not only r the benefits of breath control but also of the 528 hertz healing frequency. Dr. Ildiko Sulzinger, a specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics as well as a certified breathing coach, has incorporated the Lovetuner into her practice. She states that "Exhaling through the Lovetuner provides audible feedback on how effective our breathing is. Most breathing devices merely slow down our exhalation and create resistance that helps b up lung volume. The Lovetuner, on the other hand, is a non-invasive, over-the-counter breathing tool that does all of this and also contributes to heart coherence and improves our heart rate variability. All of these profound, physiological responses keep our entire system in balance, immediately support our mental and physical well-being and promote a healthier lifestyle." To learn more about the physical benefits of the Lovetuner, check out this video from Dr. Sulzinger.

There are endless benefits to discovering the power of your own breath, the Lovetuner is an easy way to explore breathwork.  

Lovetuner Bronze 528hz

Lovetuner Bronze 528hz


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Lovetuner Silver 528hz


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Lovetuner Black 528hz