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Breathing Exercises for Anxiety, Stress and Sleep with the Lovetuner

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety, Stress, Sleep and More

Breathing Exercise

The word “exercise” tends to evoke strong reactions, whether positive or negative. There are those who trudge to a gym like they are punishing themselves for years of bodily misuse, and there are some who can’t imagine putting their head to their pillow at night without having gotten an intense, endorphin-filled workout in that day. The Lovetuner is the perfect tool for breathing exercises as it can transport you to a meditative state in just minutes, which helps you to slow your breathing and focus on each inhale and exhale. Like any kind of exercise, breathing exercises are beneficial for the mind, body, and spirit. Breathing exercises can reduce anxiety, promote sleep, strengthen the lungs, decrease stress, regulate blood pressure, and more. Breathing exercises help you to breathe as you naturally do when you are already relaxed, and though it may sound counterintuitive that you have to “exercise” in order to relax, breathing exercises are a quick and easy way to destress and heal for free. Best of all, you can do breathing exercises anytime, anywhere, and the Lovetuner is the perfect portable breathing exercise device to help you in your moments of need.

Lovetuner Breathing Exercise Connect in the 528hz Frequency

Breathing Therapy

Breathing therapy is an effective treatment for many ailments relating to the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and nervous systems. Deep breathing sends messages from your brain to the rest of your body, signaling that you are calm and relaxed. When you use the Lovetuner to steady your breathing and practice exhaling in one long, smooth note, your body responds to the slowed, intentional breathing and communicates that you are relaxed. In turn, you may experience regulated blood pressure, improved lung function, and anxiety relief. Additionally, if you use the Lovetuner to enhance your breathing therapy, connecting to the 528hz frequency, the so-called “Love Frequency”, you will reach a meditative state that will make your body more responsive to the healing powers of breathwork. Breathing therapy is likely to become far more prevalent as we navigate the long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and both those who have suffered from the virus and those who are looking for preventative exercises will embrace the power of breathing therapy.

How to Improve Breathing

You don’t have to be facing a health issue to reap the benefits of improving your breathing techniques and habits. When you use the Lovetuner, one goal is to hold a long, steady note as you exhale. In order to achieve this, your exhale will be much longer than your inhale, which is ideal for improving your breathing efficacy. Your conscious focus on a steady connection to the 528hz Love Frequency as you exhale through the Lovetuner will not only bring harmony to your mind and spirit, but your body will experience physical harmony as you release stale air and increase your ability to take fresh air into your lungs. Simply being aware of your breathing is a great start to improving your habits and techniques. The Lovetuner is an excellent breathing exercise device because it not only requires you to take more measured breaths to physically improve your breathing but as you exhale your vibrations will align to the 528hz Love Frequency.

Lovetuner Breathing Therapy

Types of Breathing Exercises

The beauty of breathing exercises is that anyone can do them, and they can practice breathing exercises anytime, anywhere. Though breathing exercises are quite simple in theory, they do take practice and patience to master. Mindfulness breathing exercises are, thankfully, becoming a more mainstream topic and are being adopted by more people each day. However, many people lack the knowledge and tools to optimize their breathing exercises. The Lovetuner is the perfect breathing exercise tool for both novices and experts. While it can help train people who are new to breathing exercises to inhale deeply and exhale slowly and steadily, the Lovetuner can help those who are very experienced with practicing breathing exercises to achieve inner balance as they transcend to a meditative state and tune their own mind, body, and spiritual vibration to the 528hz Solfeggio frequency.

There are many different types of breathing exercises, but here are a few key exercises that you can practice in a short period of time using your Lovetuner to regulate your nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure, lung function, and more.

1. Belly Breathing

 Pay attention to your belly as you inhale. Make sure that your belly rises, not your chest. Place your Lovetuner between your lips and rest your hands lightly on your belly. Inhale for as long as you can, feeling the rise of your belly, then slowly, intentionally exhale. Your exhales should last at least two to three times longer than each inhale. Your Lovetuner will help you ensure that your exhale is slow and steady as you hold a smooth note at the 528hz frequency. Repeat as many times as you would like, but at least six repetitions are ideal. This exercise also helps to train your diaphragm to work more efficiently, lightening the load of other muscles that should not be straining to help you breathe. 

2. Pursed-Lip Breathing

Just as it sounds, you must start by pursing your lips to practice this method. This is an ideal technique for Lovetuner users because you purse your lips around your Lovetuner each time you tune to the vibrational frequency of love. To practice Pursed-Lip Breathing, sit tall with relaxed shoulders, or lie flat on your back. Inhale, starting with as little as two seconds, and exhale for twice as long. With each new inhale, you can work your way up to filling your lungs with more fresh oxygen, but always practice exhaling for at least twice as long as you inhale. Like belly breathing, pay attention to your inhale. Your belly should rise and fill as you inhale, not your chest. Repeat as many times as necessary to feel relaxed and in tune with your body and the world around you. 

3. Mindful Breathing

Though it may sound as simple as focusing on your breath, mindful breathing requires some discipline and skill. The Lovetuner is especially useful when you practice mindful breathing since breathing in harmony with the 528hz Love Frequency puts you into a calm, meditative state that is optimal for mindful breathing. When practicing mindful breathing, your goal is to be aware of your breaths and to remain in the present moment. If your thoughts drift from the present to the past or future, you should gently guide your focus back to the present. The Lovetuner can help bring your focus to the present as your thoughts and breaths resonate with the 528hz Solfeggio frequency.