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The Cycle Of Life with Lovetuner

The Cycle Of Life

The cycle of life, from birth to death, is considered scary and fascinating at the same time for most of us. We often avoid topics regarding death and have a hard time processing the emotions surrounding it. From birth and throughout childhood, the sadness and mystery of death are usually hidden from us. In reality though, the circle of life is happening around us constantly and is important to the world’s function. The change of seasons is a simple, easy-to-understand example of the circle of life.

Let’s reflect a little bit and learn how to celebrate and greet each step with joy rather than fear, with Lovetuner’s help! We’ll include some child-friendly ideas to help get the whole family involved. All of these can be adjusted to what works best for you!

Seasonal Mindfulness

One of the best ways to observe the cycle of life is through the basic seasonal changes. Plant and animal life have a very specific cycle that is easy to observe, especially if you check in every couple of days or weeks. One way to closely observe these life cycles is by creating spaces for nature at your house, which we’ll jump into in a minute.

You’re in particular luck if you live near the woods or a pond. Ponds especially are easy to observe as tadpoles and baby turtles will often stay near the shores, and can be seen growing and looking for food right there. If you get there early enough, you’ll be able to spot the frog eggs and see how they develop in real-time! Not to mention, trees are a great visual for the life cycle — they go from bushy and green, to a staggering array of colors, then fallen leaves, and then they sprout new leaves all over again.

Getting into the great outdoors? Bring your Lovetuner! Lovetuner connects us to our surroundings by harmonizing our frequency with those around us. This would be a particularly great activity as spring rolls around when the plants come back to life and look for the sunshine — green resonates at 528hz, as does the chemical that gives plants their green coloration, chlorophyll. This chemical also helps them soak up the sunlight, the heart of the sun also being 528hz! You get to become part of this cycle with the love frequency too.

At Home Seasonal Mindfulness

Not able to observe the wild that much? That’s okay because there are other options! Depending on your living situation and area, there are a few methods to try out.

Plantlife is always a good one, and plants that create food and/or flowers are especially great! Some products can be grown indoors just fine, so choose a plant for the area that you have and then make sure you have the right equipment. If you have pets make sure the plant is not toxic to them! Produce will be fun to harvest and eat afterward. Flowers can be cut, dried, and turned into crafts! Some flowers can also be eaten if you’re up for it (fun fact — we already eat flowers on the regular, as broccoli is actually a flower!).

Creating nesting boxes for birds, squirrels, or caterpillar houses is another fun activity. Both of these options will allow everyone to watch the development in real-time — just be sure to let nature do its thing and to not interrupt it.

If you meditate with your kids and are going with the potted plant option, try tuning with your plants. These sort of pack bonding activities can help the children to bond with their plants and want to take more responsibility in their care. 

Create Memorial Shrines

When the death of a pet or family member occurs it can be really difficult for children to cope with it. This is true even for adults, who may slip into depression or simply become a little more distant while they process. Having a memorial set up can help create coping skills for everyone in the house and keep a sense of community. It can be a bonding experience in itself.

However, you wish to do a memorial shrine is up to your family and beliefs! There are lots of different options and they can all be customized as needed. Shrines are very common in a variety of cultures and have everyone of all age groups involved. Day of the Dead is one of the most popular events for shrines but there are several cultures that have their own versions! If you’re familiar with your family heritage, it would be a fun activity to give the shrine a traditional twist and turn it into a bit of a history lesson.

Some activities that are common at shrines are singing, praying, or giving offerings. Lovetuner works as a mindfulness tool that soothes and calms the nervous system. Having a group tuning session to honor loved ones is not only effective but straightforward and easy for children to participate in.

If you’re cooking food for offerings, have the family join in while tuning. This will bring a whole new meaning to “made with love” for your loved ones!

What activities will you do, with or without the family? What other ones would be good ideas for dealing with and teaching about the circle of life? If you would like a deeper article regarding meditation after death let us know. This is a sensitive topic but one that should be more widely talked about — it’s only natural after all! There is a lot to celebrate in the entire realm of life, so let’s embrace it!