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The 528 hz Frequency and the Color Green

The 528 hz Frequency and the Color Green


The Lovetuner – our unique meditation tool that’s designed to reduce stress and relieve anxiety by connecting your exhale to the 528 Hz frequency – is available in a variety of color options. But these colors aren’t always chosen at random or to make a fashion statement. Colors play an important part in the Hz frequency list. Each Solfeggio frequency is associated with a unique color.

A couple of months ago we launched the green Love tuner necklace. Green is a beautiful color we associate with nature, but what you may not know is that on the frequency spectrum, the said frequency (which is also known as the Love Frequency or the Healing Frequency is green in color. And there’s a reason why this particular frequency is green.

The love frequency occurs in every single living matter, and also in the chlorophyll of plants. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that plants use to make food during a process called photosynthesis which, very simply put, is why plants are green. Chlorophyll and its green color vibrates at 528 hertz and is the most powerful healing pigment in biology. That is why this frequency is often referred to as the Healing Frequency.

This is also one of the reasons why it’s so powerful to “tune” in nature. So, for really great vibrations, go outside, hug a tree, take your meditation device and connect with the magic frequency. These products can also work as the perfect stress relief gifts.

Take a look at what the anxiety necklace Founder Sigmar Berg has to say about the color green in connection with the optimal frequency: