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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

The Lovetuner can help you to release past trauma and begin the process of healing.

Lovetuner: Rebalance, Release, Rest & Heal

The Lovetuner is based on what the ancient mystics and wise men discovered so long ago: certain natural, perfectly calibrated frequencies—those that are integral to the world around us—can create an immediate state of harmony and attunement within us. That is precisely how the Lovetuner brings healing and balance to our mind, body, and spirit. It engages us on both an energetic and cellular level.

The miracle 528hz frequency of the Lovetuner has a profound impact on our bioenergetic systems, stimulating our cells by opening them to light and heal. The healing effects of the 528hz frequency and the Lovetuner on our subtle bodies have been well-documented by modern science.  

Even with the miraculous, energetic healing properties the Lovetuner brings, raising your vibration is not the end of your healing journey. You may hold a lifetime—or many lifetimes—of blockages and trauma that have never been resolved. This is all part of being human. You may even discover, that as you incorporate the Lovetuner into your daily practice, negative energy from long-forgotten trauma is brought to the surface. You may find yourself overcome with emotions and memories from the past that you thought you had left behind. The Lovetuner and the 528hz frequency not only balances your energy but may begin moving negative energies from their hiding places into the light so that they can be released. 

You may think you have overcome the traumas of the past because they are no longer at the forefront of your conscious mind. But just because you no longer think about those traumas doesn’t mean they are no longer part of you. In fact, they may be the hidden, driving forces behind your life that influence you to make less-that-perfect decisions that result in your unhappiness. If not addressed and released, they get pushed down into the nooks and crannies of your emotional body. But don’t worry: the Lovetuner can help move you along the path to release and heal.

As humans with the ability to think and reason, we must also strive to learn, grow, and evolve throughout our lives. Healing is not a one-time thing that you can accomplish in an afternoon. Healing needs to be led by our conscious intent, an open heart, and a true desire to become whole again so that we can reach our human potential. Coupled with the intent to heal, daily practice with the Lovetuner can clear these negative energies from our subtle bodies. Although the memories remain, they will no longer have power over us.

When you tune in with the Lovetuner, you raise your vibration and thus clear your consciousness. Tuning brings out and magnifies the good we have inside of us. At the same time, it sheds light upon our inner shadows, the dark recesses of our life’s journey, bringing forth those hidden pockets of grief, negative emotion, and broken promises that we all want to forget. Trying to deny the existence of these things, by pushing them even deeper within us rather than letting them go only prolongs our inability to fully heal. To reach our full potential as human beings, we must each set our intention on releasing the negative to make room for self-love. 

So next time you use the Lovetuner, first rebalance and then be open to release. Focus your intention on ridding yourself of the deep-seated fear and anger that are stopping you from becoming completely whole. When experiencing the 528hz frequency, we are creating the optimal conditions for the release of negative energy. This allows us to transform, opening the door to our greatest potential as we create the best version of ourselves.

At the same time, healing is a somewhat gradual process, and one from which we sometimes need a break. Remember that there is no “quick fix”. If we push too hard and too fast, we may find ourselves temporarily suspended in a place of rest, wondering what happened and why we can’t seem to move forward. Don’t worry, it’s merely time to rest while our physical and subtle bodies “catch up” with the healing process brought on by the 528hz frequency of the Lovetuner. Know that if this happens to you, it is just part of the healing process, and not the end. Instead, celebrate your good work. Your positive intentions and dedication have resulted in you successfully elevating your bioenergetic vibration and clearing away the dead weight of negativity. Now it is time to rest—however, briefly—before the cycle can begin again.

Our lives are an ever-evolving process of gathering and release. We are eternal beings who have new experiences every day, every moment during our journey through life. Remember that the time for rest is just a stop along the way to reaching your full potential. As your subtle bodies rebalance, reset, and realign, you may again find there is more that needs to be released. The Lovetuner can gently lead you along that journey into a world of possibility and fulfillment.

Tune in and feel free.