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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Celebrate Pride Month with the Lovetuner

Lovetuner Pride

If you haven’t noticed all of the rainbows where you live, you might be living under a rock. June is Pride Month, when LGBTQIA+ people celebrate their history and as allies we honor their struggles. Do you know the reasons why Pride exists though? As with most events like this, the roots are pretty dark and the rainbow is the antithesis. That is why we try to commemorate and celebrate those who are able to live their truths now, and make space for more to do so.

On June 28th, 1969, the Stonewall Riots began. Police raided a bar frequented by those of the LGBT community, arresting patrons, and having them wait in patrol units. Crowds began gathering, both watching and becoming angry; this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. It was incredibly common for police to target LGBT bars, under the guise of checking for NY liquor permits and licenses. At this time, homosexual acts were also illegal in every state except Illinois. LGBT people tended to patronize bars run by the mafia, because those owners were accustomed to paying off the police and they felt some protection — although they were known to extort some of their closeted patrons as well.

Dressing as the “opposite sex” was also outlawed. Gay men could be faced with legal castration in 7 states. In others, you could be placed in a mental institute for life. Thankfully while there is still much to overcome, we’ve come a long way.

Stonewall Inn had already been raided earlier that week. On average, the same location was raided at least once a month, and many other popular LGBT bars were constantly harassed as well. Of course, harassment wasn’t just in the bars; in fact this was one of the most peaceful spaces that people had access to. It was considered a safe haven because life outside of bars was even more restricted and often more violent.

Those who came to the bars would be questioned, searched, and arrested. Plainclothes cops had entered the bar and mingled with regular patrons on this night, picking out specifically who they deemed to be crossdressed or drag queen individuals. For many people, the Stonewall Inn was the only space they had to be themselves, and was their only sense of home, in particular for homeless LGBT youth. With the constant raids, the police roughing up their arrestees, and patrons having to be constantly on edge, a riot broke out, and more riots would follow.

This was the big kickoff for LGBT activism. Other cities began hosting their own events, activists became louder, and more organizations and programs were put into the works. It wouldn’t be until 4 years later that homosexuality was removed by the American Psychiatric Association as a diagnostable mental illness from its second edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, or the DSM-II.

Modern life for American and European LGBT people is generally much better in 2021, with more resources available, but there’s still a lot of fight left to give. Homosexuality can be penalized by varying degrees in 69 countries. The average lifespan of American transwomen is only 35 years of age, only 45% that of the rest of US residents. A study from Chapin Hall of Chicago University finds that LGBT youth are 120% more likely to be homeless. The top 2 reasons for LGBT youth homelessness include being kicked out of the house after their orientation is discovered, or running away after experiencing sexual, mental, and physical abuse. The “gay panic” or “trans panic” defense has been used in recent years to negate the homicide of LGBT people in several states, or has only just recently been banned in others. These are only a handful of the modern issues.

Lovetuner believes that at our core, we are all the same, and deserve access to universal love. Mental health and peace is just as important as the physical. With the events taking place in June, it’s important to show solidarity, raise awareness, and let everyone know the gift of the love frequency does not come in just one manifestation.

So what can we do to heal and repair on an individual basis? Well…

Complete the stress response cycle

Andrea Glik, an LGBTQIA+ affirming and somatic trauma therapist, talks about this method. In her example, she talks about an antelope running away from predators. Once the antelope has found safety, it shakes its body, to release the leftover energy and return to a peaceful state. In the rest of the animal kingdom, which we are a part of, we can also observe this release in canines and horses as well as other animals. Try some dance meditation with your Lovetuner!

Breath therapy

Another example of completing the stress response cycle, humans are able to regulate their nervous system when practicing breath therapy. Lovetuner is a breathing meditation device that can be used anywhere, with the added benefit of the love frequency, to instantly soothe. Working the lung muscles to make them stronger, we can make this response easier and easier with just a bit of training.

Self affirmation

Self affirmation is something everyone struggles with but especially when it comes to accepting your own identity that not everyone understands or accepts yet. It can also be difficult when mental health issues or low self esteem are placed on top of it. The best way to get ready for self affirmation is by removing intrusive, negative thoughts. Taking a few minutes to tune while you get ready for the day is a great start! While you’re choosing your wardrobe for the day, getting your hair ready, make-up, or whatever else it is that you do to prepare, tune during this time. Once it’s complete, take a look at yourself in the mirror and admire every little detail about you. Don’t forget to compliment your actual personality and talents too.

What will you be doing to celebrate Pride month? Looking for a support group? Join us at the Facebook group Lovetuner One Journey and share with us! If you have more Pride month ideas, share them below or in the group too — we are all one big family!