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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

International Day of Forests. The Benefits of Tree Hugging with the Lovetuner

International Day of Forests | Benefits of Tree Hugging

It is undeniable that spending time in nature has a positive effect on humans. We all find joy in the feeling of getting to breath in the fresh air after a long day spent inside, the feeling of the sun warming your face, your barefoot digging into the cool sand, or your hand on the rough bark of a tree. Our connection to nature grounds us, it reconnects us to our natural state giving us a momentary break from the stress of our daily lives.

As we have moved away from the natural world, finding ourselves further and further removed from nature. We have also come to recognize the importance of taking time to reconnect and spend time in nature. In the 1980s a practice known as Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing began in Japan, and rapidly spread to the rest of the world. This practice does not simply involve entering a forest and admiring trees, but it advocates for physical connection with nature, through tree hugging. Now you might have negative connotations to the term tree huggers, but once you hear about the benefits, you’ll be running to embrace the nearest tree.

When you hug a tree, you release the love hormone oxytocin. The release of oxytocin has been found to induce relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety. Being out in nature has shown ton not only improve mental wellbeing but also improve physical health through boosting your immune system and improvement to your cardiovascular system. By hugging a tree, you are connecting into a network of nature, you are letting go and allowing yourself to reconnect to a source of life.

The Lovetuner, which combines your breath with the powerful 528hz frequency, induces relaxation, reduced stress, relieving anxiety, and increased focus. The 528hz, unlike other so-called healing frequency which are man made, is a naturally occurring frequency. In fact, the color green, which is the dominant color found in nature, is 528hz on the color spectrum. Green symbolizes renewal, abundance, peace, and health.


Lovetuner Green 528hz frequency Connect to Nature Tree Hugging


The green Lovetuner embraces the special connection between the 528hz frequency and the color green. The 528hz frequency of the Lovetuner can help you to reconnect to nature no matter where you are. Life is busy, and we can easily get burnout, but you no longer have to wait for a vacation to recharge. With a few simple breaths, the Lovetuner can help you to check in with yourself, realign, connect with the world around you, and arrive in the present moment.

 “To forget how to dig the earth & to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.”

        - Mahatma Gandhi      

If you have the chance, go into nature, and bring your Lovetuner. If there is a tree nearby embrace it, tuning as you feel yourself become one with the space around you. Tune in to nature, find your essence, and remember that we are all one and you are only a few breaths away from reconnecting with the source of life.