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One World. One Love. One Tone. LOVETUNER 528hz

Back to School: Stress & Anxiety Relief with the Lovetuner

Back to School: Stress & Anxiety Relief with the Lovetuner

It's that time of year when summer is slowly coming to a close, and many of you are heading back to your jobs or the classroom and college campuses.

This is exciting and inspiring but can also be a source of stress and anxiety. Starting something new, making new friends, having deadlines, and a big workload. It can definitely feel overwhelming and make you long for more inner balance.

Connecting to the 528 hz frequency

The Lovetuner is really effective for anyone experiencing these moments of stress and anxiety. It's a meditation tool (or some would say an anxiety relief product) that's easy to carry or hang around your neck wherever you go; it's almost like a trusted friend you can rely on. Whenever you're emotionally overwhelmed and need a moment of calm, find a couple of minutes to take a breathing break with your meditation tool.

By connecting your exhale with the 528 hz frequency, your nervous system will not immediately calm down and feel more aligned with yourself and your environment. The magical 528hz sound frequency will literally "tune" you in resonance with yourself and the world around you, while the deep breathing will relax you. You'll also notice it'll be easier to concentrate on your work and assignments after a tuning session.

Many users report feeling more focused after tuning. Whenever they’re experiencing a level of stress or anxiety, they take a moment to step outside with their Anxiety Necklaces and take a little break to connect with the 528hz Love Frequency. Immediately they feel more centered and more focused.

We care about your mental health and encourage everyone to do this self-compassion exercise and find inner calm through the power of the 528hz frequency.

Take a look at why Luis calls the Lovetuner his secret weapon that gets him through tough days: