we are all here in this time in space sharing one and the same experience witnessing the evolution of humanity and consciousness together in unity each one of us having our own personal experiences each of us being unique, no two experiences alike sometimes beautiful sometimes painful sometimes intense all of us sharing the same dreams and aspirations to experience love & peace in our lives this is the time to come together and assist one another in our human journey by creating harmony, peace and coherence through love and the power of a single frequency to bring healing into our lives our bodies our mind our spirit our planet all we need is love how do we get there? by remembering the power of our hearts and the power of love feeling the love that already exists within all of us and from there connecting to one another to create harmony and coherence love and compassion what we have been told… in the beginning there was… the word… a sound…a frequency the om. a sound…a frequency

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the big bang. a sound…a frequency everything in the universe originated from sound everything in the universe is sound everything in the universe is vibration

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and therefore has a specific vibrational frequency so do our thoughts, feelings and emotions and so does love love has the specific vibrational frequency of 528 hz the love frequency what does that mean for our human experience? never, in the history of human kind has an attempt been made to create coherence on this planet through the power of a single frequency 528 hz is audible in the center of our musical scale, the “c” by pitching the A to 444 Hz visible in the center of our color spectrum through the wave length of 528nm – the color light green

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felt in the center of our human bodythe heart center allowing us to connect feeling grounded, peaceful…loving imagine bringing a candle into a dark room… the room will light up darkness disappears… the same principle applies to the Lovetuner when you tune and bring love into your body… stress and anxiety disappear… considering that the universe was created out of love and considering that we were created out of love 528 hz is the frequency that connects us with who we truly are we are love love is the cause and the result the way the solution the truth there is nothing more true than an experience Living One Vibrational Energy the principle of resonance: when one object is vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object, that second object is forced into vibrational motion

now consider that you are that second object and the vibration of the Lovetuner is simply bringing forward the love that naturally exists within you aligning your vibrational frequency with the frequency of love scientific research from the heart math institute is concluding: when we experience stress & anxiety our heart rate variability is uneven and chaotic when we experience love & compassion our heart rate variability is in harmony just like in the color spectrum and in music in fact our hearts are electromagnetic field generators our heart is electromagnetically 5000 times stronger than our mind it not only has an effect on our own body but also up to 24 feet on the field around us in 1993 the heart was also classified as a hormone gland secreting hormones and neurotransmitters that profoundly affect… the brain and body functions oxytocin is referred to as the bonding or love hormone it brings things together with feelings of compassion, harmony love & peace our mind receives much of its information from the heart the heart is in a state of unity, whereas the mind is in a state of duality (right/left brain) therefore we should listen to our heart and recognize it as the ultimate gateway to peace

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