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The Lovetuner combines breathwork and sound healing with the healing power of the 528 Hz frequency

Lovetuner at Sunrise

Lovetuning At Sunrise

The sunrise is the very start of our day. Some of us sleep past sunrise, while others rise before the sun. For a handful of us, waiting for the sun, wrapped up in a blanket watching it come up, is a rare but always beautiful experience. Whatever your connection to the sunrise is you’re sure to grab something from this article to make your mornings even more magical. 

Humans have a natural inclination to have a morning routine, as many animals do too. The morning hours are important for waking up, gathering energy, and getting a start on the day. Even plants can have a morning cycle, some opening up their blooms while others close their blooms. Even the nutritional content of plants like grass are different in the mornings! What we have to do is use this need for routine and turn it into something positive and structured, to get the most out of ourselves and therefore, our days.

Our Connection to the Sunrise

All terrain life (and much of the marine) have long relied on the sun to guide them. Our plant life and ecosystems depend on the sun for sustainability. This means that we also have a natural inclination to be mentally and physically by the arrival of the sun, each morning!

 - Natural alarm clock. This one is a given, but we are naturally urged to wake up as sunlight hits. Our eyes have photosensitive cells to aid in this process.
- The rise in body temperature. Our temperature drops a little as we sleep. The moment we see sunlight however, the temperature is increased.
- Cognition and alertness are raised.
- Exposure to sunlight in general is needed for certain bodily functions, including healing! With so many of us lacking time to get sunlight, a sunrise meditation will help realign the mind and body for the day ahead.

Sunrise Healing, Meditation, and Relaxation

What is it that you need? Do you want to meditate, relax, heal? What does that look like for you as an individual?

Whatever is best for you, Lovetuner is there to aid! Lovetuner is a stress reliever that relies on sound healing and the power of breathing therapy. Working alongside the body’s natural stress relief triggers, it involves the love frequency — known for instilling a feeling of peace, love, and the ability to heal the mind and body.

As you wait for the sun, take time to plan out your day and repeat your daily mantras. Getting yourself into the right headspace for the day is shown to improve productivity and mood. Preparation starts in ourselves!

Once the sun starts rising, begin tuning. This will increase the intensity of the moment and improve the natural benefits of tuning as well as the sunrise. Lovetuner is usually recommended to be used for 6 breath cycles. The sunrise can take 2–5 minutes. You’re able to tune that long if you want to, or choose a particular moment to tune, such as when the sunlight begins spilling over the earth around you.

Tuning before meditation is actually a really great way to feel ready for meditation. If you’re someone that has a hard time getting rid of unwanted thoughts then Lovetuner may be a remedy!


Have your mat ready to go before the sunrise. You may like to have it pulled out and already be sitting on it before the sun comes, for the most comfortable viewing.

This will be a simple meditation, but feel free to change it to what you like, or even add some sunrise yoga into the mix!

1. Sit still, facing the sun. You can watch the light spill over but be careful to not stare directly at the sun. Close your eyes, and practice breathing with Lovetuner. Inhaling and exhaling as the sunlight becomes a wading pool, and then fully immersing you.

2. Feel. Allow the light and love frequency to energetically wash negative blockages away from you. Feel the warmth of the light and the charge of the Lovetuner. Allow yourself to relax and become part of the experience.

3. Repeat your mantra for the day. Something big coming up? Just want to have a good, mellow, positive day? Set that goal for yourself by repeating a mantra! These are shown to help keep positive attitudes throughout the day, and can work as light manifestation.

4. Enjoy your time for as long as you want. Meditations can be as short as 5 minutes, and can stretch for a long, long time. What you have time for that day is perfectly acceptable, even if it’s just enough time to see the sunrise and return home. Lovetuner can be used for as long as wanted too, and is recommended to use a minimum of 6 breath cycles.

It’s becoming easier and easier to experience drag during the mornings. A lot of us are working from home, putting off the day to play on their phone, or simply not feeling the urge to get up and move. While this is ok occasionally, our body does have a natural cycle that shouldn’t be constantly fought against. These cycles help keep it functioning at its possible best, and keeps our mind ready and healthy for the day too! The next chance you get, bust out the yoga mat, grab your Lovetuner, and find the perfect spot to watch the sunrise. It’ll have you feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to take on the day!